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  Apache Cassandra Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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File Name
1 CASS Database   Cassandra Features
10 CASS Database   Custom Replication
11 CASS Database   Data Snapshots
15  02  10   01   Apache Cassandra 2.1, présentation et architecture
2 CASS Database   Installation Perusal
20+ Billion Txns in Oracle vs C   Spark  Kafka (Ananth Ram, Murali Kannan, Accenture)   C  Summit 2016
3 CASS Database   Legacy Client
3 Node Cassandra Cluster Nodes on AWS EC2
3 Node Cassandra Cluster on AWS EC2
4 CASS Database   CQL Client
4.2 Key value stores  Cassandra 27 20
5 CASS Database   Multi Node Cluster
59   Install Cassandra  Setup Keyspace
6 CASS Database   Cluster Node Additions
A Detailed Look At cassandra.yaml (Edward Capriolo, The Last Pickle)   Cassandra Summit 2016
A Look at the CQL Changes in 3.x (Benjamin Lerer, Datastax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
A Shortcut to Awesome  Cassandra Data Modeling (Jon Haddad, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
A1 Cassandra Java
ABC Arbitrage  Building Your Own Distributed System the Easy Way
Achilles  the Art of Object Mapping (DuyHai DOAN, Datastax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Adaptive Data Cleansing with StreamSets and Cassandra (Pat Patterson, StreamSets)   C  Summit 2016
AdStage  Monacella  An Relational Object Database using Cassandra as the Datastore
Advanced Cassandra Operations via JMX (Nate McCall, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Advanced Replication Overview   DataStax Enterprise 5
Advanced Search and Top K Queries in Cassandra
Advances in Cassandra Tracing with Zipkin (Michael Semb Wever, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
aerospike in 60 seconds
Always On Capabilities with Jon Haddad and Patrick McFadin
Am I Fit To BIG DATA   Yes you ARE
An Effective Approach to Migrate Cassandra Thrift to CQL (Yabin Meng, Pythian)   C  Summit 2016
An introduction to Apache Cassandra
Analytics with Cassandra and PySpark    Frens Jan Rumph
AndroidDeveloper Webinar   Application Development with Apache Cassandra as a Service New HD 720p 20
Apache Big Data Vancouver May 11 2016   Spark After Dark 2.0   Streaming Recommendations with Spark
Apache Cassandra   Cassandra Tutorial Part 1   Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners   Big Data Tutorial
Apache Cassandra   Cassandra Tutorial Part 2   Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners   Big Data Tutorial
Apache Cassandra  Installing locally on windows
Apache Cassandra  noSQL, Yes to Scale
Apache Cassandra  u0026 Apache Spark for Time Series Data   Patrick McFadin, Cassandra Chief Evangelist
Apache Cassandra  u0026 Python for the The New York Times ?a?rik Platform
Apache Cassandra (2009 2010)
Apache Cassandra   Colin Clark
Apache Cassandra   NoSQL  Introduction  u0026 Architecture
Apache Cassandra   Part 1
Apache Cassandra   Part 2
Apache Cassandra   Part 3
Apache Cassandra 101 (slides only)
Apache Cassandra 2.0   the NoSQL Database by DataStax ADAM HATTRELL at Big Data Spain 2013
Apache Cassandra Advantages
Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise Explained with Peter Halliday at WildHacks NU
Apache Cassandra and Java Datastax tutorial
Apache Cassandra and Python
Apache Cassandra Apache Spark Machine Learning  Teil 1
Apache Cassandra Apache Spark Machine Learning Teil 2
Apache Cassandra Apache Spark Machine Learning Teil 3
Apache Cassandra Apache Spark Machine Learning Teil 4
Apache Cassandra Architect Level Training  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra at British Gas Connected Homes with Josep Casals, Lead Data Engineer 1
Apache Cassandra at ING with Gary Stewart, Advisory IT Specialist
Apache Cassandra at Pager Duty  Watching Your Cassandra Cluster Melt
Apache Cassandra at Spotify with Jimmy Mårdell, Tech Product Owner
Apache Cassandra Certification Training Bangalore
Apache Cassandra Classroom Training in Chennai  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Hands   on Training  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Insight Pack for IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis
Apache Cassandra Multi DC Essentials (Julien Anguenot, iLand Internet Solutions)   C  Summit 2016
Apache cassandra multiple node installation.simulation of production cluster
Apache Cassandra Online  Classroom Training in Chennai  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra online Training In Mumbai
Apache Cassandra Overview
Apache Cassandra Performance Tuning
Apache Cassandra single node installation with practical exercises
Apache Cassandra Training  u0026 Consulting Services  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Training  u0026 Projects  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Training  u0026 Projects in India  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai  HadoopTrainingChennai.IN
apache cassandra training india bigdatatraining.in
Apache Cassandra Training Mumbai
Apache Cassandra Training Tutorial For Beginners
Apache Cassandra Transport and Client Architecture
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Accessing The Cassandra system.log File
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Checking Status
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Downloading Cassandra
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Ensuring Oracle Java 7 Is Installed
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Installing Cassandra
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Introducing The Course
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Learning About Replication
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Learning About Virtual Nodes
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Learning How Data Gets Distributed
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Learning What Cassandra Is Being Used For
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Learning What Gossip Is For
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Providing Cassandra With Permission To Directories
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Starting Cassandra
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Understanding That Cassandra Is A Distributed Database
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Understanding The System Requirements
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Understanding What Cassandra Is
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Viewing The Main Configuration File
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   What Snitch Is For
Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Course Intro
Apache Cassandra w praktyce Tomek Kuprowski cz.1
Apache Cassandra w praktyce Tomek Kuprowski cz.2
Apache cassandra with Collection (List , Set , Map) in Cqlsh
Apache Cassandra [1  11]
Apache Cassandra [10  11]
Apache Cassandra [11  11]
Apache Cassandra [2  11]
Apache Cassandra [3  11]
Apache Cassandra [4  11]
Apache Cassandra [5  11]
Apache Cassandra [6  11]
Apache Cassandra [7  11]
Apache Cassandra [8  11]
Apache Cassandra [9  11]
Apache Hadoop Training with POC Projects  BigDataTraining.IN
Apache HBase Cassandra NoSql Training INDIA
Apache zeppelin and Apache Cassandra integration with data processing
Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back end by DuyHai DOAN
Apache Zeppelin, un notebook d'avenir pour l'éco système Big Data (DuyHai DOAN)
Apple Inc.  Cassandra at Apple for Massive Scale
Apple Inc.  Cassandra Doctor at Apple
Apple Inc.  Cassandra Internals — Understanding Gossip
Applications with Datastax and Azure at Albertsons  Safeway (Gurpreet Singh)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Approximate Data for Small, Insightful Analytics (Ben Kornmeier, ProtectWise)   C  Summit 2016
Astyanax Java Client Driver   Puneet Oberai, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Atigeo  Cassandra in Large Scale Enterprise Grade xPatterns Deployments
Austin Cassandra Users  Apache Zeppelin Demo
Austin Cassandra Users  Cassandra 3.0 Preview with Jonathan Ellis
Austin Cassandra Users  Determining Full Consistency Lag and its applications in distributed systems
Austin Cassandra Users  Hardening Cassandra for Compliance
Austin Cassandra Users  Titan and Cassandra at WellAware
Austin Cassandra Users   Cassandra Internals  The Read  Write Path
Austin Cassandra Users   Cassandra Summer School  Cassandra Architecture 101
Austin Cassandra Users   Cassandra Summer School  Cassandra Operations 101
Austin Cassandra Users   Cassandra Summer School  Data Modeling 101
Austin Cassandra Users   Laying down the SMACK on your data pipelines
Austin Cassandra Users Meetup  Cassandra at Vast
Auto Deploy Cassandra Datastax Using AWS OpsWorks
Automate Hadoop Cluster Deployment   Plan your Cluster   Edureka
Avoiding anti patterns  How to stay in love with Cassandra
AWS re  Invent DAT 202  Optimizing your Cassandra Database on AWS
AWS re Invent 2014   (BDT307) Running NoSQL on Amazon EC2
AWS re Invent 2015   (BDT323) Amazon EBS  u0026 Cassandra  1 Million Writes Per Second on 60 Nodes
Backup and Recovery for Apache Cassandra and Scale Out Databases
Batch Analytics with Apache Cassandra by Jeremy Hanna
Bazy danych NoSQL   Cassandra   Maciej Migacz
BDSBTB 2015  Evan Chang, FiloDB  A Reactive OLAP Database using Scala, Akka, Cassandra, and Spark
Beginning Apache Cassandra Development E Book
Beginning Apache Cassandra Development
Benchmarking NoSQL DataBase dans le cadre d'un projet IoT
Best Practices for Running Apache Cassandra on AWS
Beyond Read Modify Write
Big Data   Time series analysis with Spark and Cassandra
Big Data Architecture Patterns
Big Data Capabilities Presentation   DataFactZ
Big Data Cassandra MongoDB Training in chennai
Big Data Day LA 2015   DataStax Enterprise Cassandra and OpsCenter by Adam Tourkow of DataStax
Big Data Modeling with Cassandra
Big Data Value Realized  Empowering DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra in the Enterprise
Big Data,Neo4j Developer,Neo4j Graph database,Casandra Developer
Big Data Driven Applications with Cassandra and Spark (Artem Chebotko, USA)
Billy Bosworth   Cassandra Summit 2012   theCUBE
Black Hat USA 2010  ISC SIE Passive DNS vs Apache Cassandra 1  2
BlackRock  Multi Tenancy in Cassandra at BlackRock
Brief Introduction to Apache cassandra and nosql.Are you gonna miss this !
British Gas Connected Homes  Data Engineering   Highlights and Lowlights
Bucket Your Partitions Wisely (Markus Höfer, codecentric AG)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Building a Fast, Resilient Time Series Store with Cassandra (Alex Petrov, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Building a flexible, Real time Big Data Applications Platform on Cassandra   Clint Kelly
Building a fully automated Fast Data Platform   Meetup Talk by Bernd Zuther
Building a Multi Region Cluster at Target (Aaron Ploetz  u0026 Andrew From, Target)   C  Summit 2016
Building Always On Software With Apache Cassandra
Building API layer for Cassandra  Coursera+Netflix  u0026 C  Batch loading for Data Products
Building Apps with Cassandra Python Driver
Building Highly Available Apps on Cassandra (Robbie Strickland, Weather Company)   C  Summit 2016
Burt  Using Apache Cassandra For All The Things
C  2012  Building a Cassandra Based Application from Scratch (Patrick McFadin, Hobsons)
C  2012  Cassandra   A Real Time Big Data Application (Manish Sood, Reltio)
C  2012  Cassandra in Action   Solving Big Data Problems (Eddie Satterly, Splunk)
C  2012  Cassandra in Rackspace Cloud Monitoring (Russell Haering, Rackspace)
C  2012  Cassandra Performance and Scalability on AWS (Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix)
C  2012  Changing the Game Cassandra + Solr (Matt Stump, SourceNinja)
C  2012  End to End Analytic Workflows with Cassandra (Jeremy Hanna, DataStax)
C  2012  Lightning Talk #10   Node.js and Cassandra (Russell Bradbury, SimpleReach)
C  2012  Lightning Talk #3   How to Scale MongoDB (Ed Anuff and Nate McCall, Apigee)
C  2012  Lightning Talk #6   Reporting and Analytics on Cassandra (Matthew Dahlman, Jaspersoft)
C  2012  Lightning Talk #9   How to write SQL Against Apache Cassandra (Peter Evans, Quest)
C  2012  Technical Deep Dive  Cassandra + Solr (Jason Rutherglen, Think Big Analytics)
C  2012  Technical Deep Dive  Data Modeling (Matt Dennis, DataStax)
C  2012  Technical Deep Dive  Query Performance (Aaron Morton, Cassandra Committer)
C  2012  The State of Cassandra, 2012 (Jonathan Ellis, DataStax)
C  2012  Titan   Big Graph Data With Cassandra (Matthias Broecheler, Aurelius)
C  2012  Using Cassandra in an S3 Cloud Storage System (Gary Osugawaa, Gemini Mobile)
C  2012  Virtual Nodes   Operational Aspirin (Sam Overton, Acunu)
C  Capacity Forecasting (Ajay Upadhyay, Jyoti Shandil, Arun Agrawal, Netflix)   C  Summit 2016
C  for Deep Learning (Andrew Jefferson, Tracktable)   Cassandra Summit 2016
C  Summit 2013  A Deep Dive Into How Cassandra Resolves Inconsistent Data
C  Summit 2013  Accenture   What Were They Thinking
C  Summit 2013  Buy It Now! Cassandra at eBay
C  Summit 2013  Cassandra at eBay Scale
C  Summit 2013  Cassandra at Instagram
C  Summit 2013  Cassandra Internals
C  Summit 2013  Cassandra Message Bus   An Open Message Bus for the Cloud
C  Summit 2013  Cassandra on Flash   Performance  u0026 Efficiency Lessons Learned
C  Summit 2013  Comparing Architectures — Cassandra vs the Field
C  Summit 2013  Data Modelers Still Have Jobs   Adjusting For the NoSQL Environment
C  Summit 2013  Distributed Graph Computing with Titan and Faunus
C  Summit 2013  How Not to Use Cassandra
C  Summit 2013  Java and .NET Client Drivers   Cassandra Development on Fire
C  Summit 2013  Jonathan Ellis Keynote
C  Summit 2013  Lightning Talk Presentations
C  Summit 2013  Lock it Up — Securing Sensitive Data
C  Summit 2013  Netflix Open Source Tools and Benchmarks for Cassandra
C  Summit 2013  Practice Makes Perfect  Extreme Cassandra Optimization
C  Summit 2013  Processing an Avalanche of Medical Records
C  Summit 2013  Real World, Real Time Data Modeling
C  Summit 2013  Real time Analytics using Cassandra, Spark and Shark
C  Summit 2013  Real Time Big Data with Storm, Cassandra, and In Memory Computing
C  Summit 2013  Searching for a Needle in a Big Data Haystack
C  Summit 2013  Splunk + Cassandra = New Value to Business
C  Summit 2013  Suicide Risk Prediction Using Social Media and Cassandra
C  Summit 2013  The Perils and Triumphs of Using Cassandra at a .NET Shop
C  Summit 2013  The World's Next Top Data Model
C  Summit 2013  Time is Money
C  Summit 2013  Time Series Metrics with Cassandra
C  Summit 2013  Virtual Nodes   Rethinking Topology in Cassandra
C  Summit EU 2013  Apache Cassandra 2.0 — Data Model on Fire
C  Summit EU 2013  Blending Cassandra Data Into The Mix
C  Summit EU 2013  Blueflood  Simple Metrics Processing
C  Summit EU 2013  Capitalizing on Data in Telecommunications  The Cassandra Way
C  Summit EU 2013  Cassandra Adoption at Sky and Live Data Centre Migration
C  Summit EU 2013  Cassandra Internals
C  Summit EU 2013  Cassandra Made Simple with CQL Drivers and DevCenter
C  Summit EU 2013  One Million Books  Adventures in Discoverability with Cassandra and Solr
C  Summit EU 2013  Real Time BI with Cassandra
C  Summit EU 2013  Top K Queries in Realtime with Cassandra and Intravert
C  Summit EU 2013  Using Cassandra in a Telco Storage System
C ollege Credit  An Introduction to Apache Cassandra
C ollege Credit  Data Modeling for Apache Cassandra
C ollege Credit   Is My App a Good Fit for Apache Cassandra
Capacity Planning in Apache Cassandra   Edureka
Capital One  Using Cassandra In Building A Reporting Platform
Cassandra   Backup and Recovery through snapshots
Cassandra  an open source distributed database   Part 1
Cassandra  an open source distributed database   Part 2
Cassandra  Consistency  u0026 Tolerance (A Morality Guide for Databases)
Cassandra  Provision, Clone and Time Travel
Cassandra  u0026 SSDs
Cassandra + Spark + Tableau by Oleksandr Berchenko (Ukr)
Cassandra + Spark for Genomic Big Data (Anupama Joshi  u0026 Matt Negulescu, Epinomics)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra   Java Tutorial
Cassandra 2.1 Ubuntu 14.10 Install
Cassandra 3 Overview   DataStax Enterprise 5
Cassandra 3.0 Introduction
Cassandra Administration   Backup and Restore   Part 1
Cassandra Administration Tutorial  Building a Cluster of Multiple Nodes   packtpub
Cassandra Administration Tutorial  Loading Bulk Data   packtpub
Cassandra Administrator Walkthrough — Step 1  Tour of Configuration Files
Cassandra Administrator Walkthrough — Step 2  Nodetool Utility
Cassandra Administrator Walkthrough — Step 3  Admin Tasks with CQL (Cassandra Query Language)
Cassandra Analysis for Twitter Demo
Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise on PCF — Ben Lackey, Cornelia Davis
Cassandra and KairosDB Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Single Node Install
Cassandra and Spark  Optimizing for Data Locality   Russell Spitzer (DataStax)
Cassandra And Spark Connector
Cassandra Architecture   Edureka
Cassandra at Bazaarvoice (September meetup of the Austin Cassandra users group)
Cassandra at Instagram 2016 (Dikang Gu, Facebook)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Cassandra at Instagram, Datastax C  SF Users Meetup at Disqus
Cassandra Backups and Restorations Using Ansible (Joshua Wickman, Knewton)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra Basic Schema and Ruby Gem
Cassandra Click to Deploy on Google Cloud Platform
Cassandra Cluster Manager Screencast
cassandra cluster setup with multiple nodes on single machine
Cassandra Community Webinar    MySQL to Cassandra   What I Wish I'd Known
Cassandra Community Webinar   Apache Cassandra Internals
Cassandra Community Webinar   Back to Basics with CQL3
Cassandra Community Webinar   Become a Super Modeler
Cassandra Community Webinar   CEP Distributed Processing on Cassandra with Storm
Cassandra Community Webinar   Creating Your First Java App
Cassandra Community Webinar   Creating Your First NodeJS App
Cassandra Community Webinar   From MongoDB To Cassandra Architectural Lessons
Cassandra Community Webinar   Getting Started with Apache Cassandra with Patrick McFadin
Cassandra Community Webinar   In Case of Emergency, Break Glass
Cassandra Community Webinar   Intro to Apache Cassandra 1.2
Cassandra Community Webinar   Intro to Apache Cassandra
Cassandra Community Webinar   Is My App A Good Fit for Apache Cassandra
Cassandra Community Webinar   Make Life Easier   An Introduction to Cassandra Query Language
Cassandra Community Webinar   Practice Makes Perfect  Extreme Cassandra Optimization
Cassandra Community Webinar   Relationship Between RDBMS and NoSQL
Cassandra Community Webinar   Shift  Real World Migration from MongoDB to Cassandra
Cassandra Community Webinar   The Data Model is Dead Long Live the Data Model
Cassandra Community Webinar   The Data Model is Dead, Long Live the Data Model
Cassandra Community Webinar   Understanding How CQL3 Maps to Cassandra's Internal Data Structure
Cassandra Community Webinar   V isn't for Valentine's; It's for VNodes
Cassandra Community Webinar   What and Why NoSQL
Cassandra Community Webinar   Whats New in Apache Cassandra 1.2
Cassandra Conf  CQL and the DataStax Java Driver
Cassandra Conf  ???????? ? Cassandra
Cassandra Conf  ?????? ??????????????? ?????????????????? ????????? ???????
CASSANDRA Configuration Ubuntu
Cassandra Data Model
cassandra data modeling   Practical considerations  netflix
Cassandra Data Tables RESTFUL API with pagination
Cassandra Database   Part 1
Cassandra Database   Part 2
Cassandra database full installation with shell and devCenter
Cassandra Day 2014  From Proof of Concept to Production
Cassandra Day Atlanta 2015  Data Modeling In Depth  A Time Series Example
Cassandra Day Atlanta 2015  Getting Started with Apache Cassandra  u0026 Python
Cassandra Day Atlanta 2015  Introduction to Data Modeling with Apache Cassandra
Cassandra Day Atlanta 2015  Software Development with Apache Cassandra  A Walkthrough
Cassandra Day Chicago 2015  Advanced Data Modeling
Cassandra Day Chicago 2015  Cassandra  Consistency  u0026 Tolerance (a morality guide for databases)
Cassandra Day Chicago 2015  DataStax Enterprise  u0026 Apache Cassandra Hardware Best Practices
Cassandra Day Denver 2014  A Cassandra Data Model for Serving up Cat s
Cassandra Day LA 2015  Advanced Data Modeling with Patrick McFadin
Cassandra Day LA 2015  Cassandra at Hulu — Extreme Availability
Cassandra Day LA 2015  Cassandra Story at Gum Gum
Cassandra Day LA 2015  DataStax Enterprise and Actor Systems
Cassandra Day LA 2015  Search and Security for Cassandra Data using DataStax Enterprise
Cassandra Day NY 2014  Message Architectures in Distributed Systems at SimpleReach
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  Cassandra Data Modeling Crash Course
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  Getting Started with the DataStax C# Driver
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  High Throughput Analytics with Cassandra  u0026 Azure
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  How I Learned to Data Model + 5 Do's and Don'ts
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  Interactive OLAP Queries using Cassandra and Spark
Cassandra Day Seattle 2014  Lessons Learned from Embedding Cassandra in the xPatterns Platform
Cassandra Demo From Mildain
cassandra demo
Cassandra Dev  u0026 Admin Walkthrough — OVA Install  Virtual Box
Cassandra Dev  u0026 Admin Walkthrough — OVA Install  VMWare Fusion
Cassandra Developer Walkthrough — Step 1  Create a Keyspace and Table
Cassandra Developer Walkthrough — Step 2  INSERT and SELECT Records
Cassandra Developer Walkthrough — Step 3  UPDATE and DELETE Records
Cassandra Essentials Tutorials   DataStax OpsCenter Overview
Cassandra Explained in 3 Minutes or Less
Cassandra File System   Edureka
Cassandra Gets Graphic
Cassandra Getting Started Part 1
Cassandra Hands on Training By BigDataTraining.IN
Cassandra in Practice
Cassandra Install  u0026 penggunaan
Cassandra installation in Ubuntu
Cassandra Internals  The Read Path (Tyler Hobbs, DataStax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Cassandra Java Assignment 1
Cassandra Java Connection Shailesh Mane
cassandra java connection
Cassandra Java Integration
Cassandra Java Tutorial
cassandra java
Cassandra MeetUp  Disqus 7.31.13, presented by DataStax
Cassandra NYC 2011  Chris Burroughs   Cassandra at Clearspring
Cassandra NYC 2011  Drew Robb   Cassandra at SocialFlow
Cassandra NYC 2011  Edward Capriolo   Cassandra in Online Advertising  Real Time Bidding
Cassandra NYC 2011  Eric Evans   CQL  SQL for Cassandra
Cassandra NYC 2011  Joe Stein   Cassandra as the Central Nervous System of Distributed Systems
Cassandra NYC 2011  Jonathan Ellis   Whats New In Cassandra
Cassandra NYC 2011  Martin Stone   Deep Visibility into Apache Cassandra with AppDynamics
Cassandra NYC 2011  Matt Dennis   Data Modeling Workshop
Cassandra NYC 2011  Nate McCall   Java and Big Data with Apache Cassandra
Cassandra NYC 2011  Nathan Marz   The Storm and Cassandra Realtime Computation Stack
Cassandra NYC 2011  Nathan Milford   Cassandra for System Admins
Cassandra NYC 2011  Robin Schumacher   Cassandra  The Foundation of Today's Enterprise Data Stack
Cassandra NYC 2011  Tyler Hobbs   Flexibility  Python Clients for Apache Cassandra
Cassandra NYC 2011  Tyler Hobbs   Making Cassandra Operations Easy with DataStax OpsCenter
Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform (Ravi Madasu, Google    Ben Lackey, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra on Mesos Across Multiple Datacenters at Uber (Abhishek Verma)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra on Microsoft Azure  Really !   Oded Peer  RSA (Eng)
Cassandra para impacientes por Carlos Alonso
CASSANDRA project platform demo
Cassandra Queries
Cassandra Stand alone server installation and connect from Java
Cassandra Summit 2014  DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth Keynote
Cassandra Summit 2014  TitanDB   Scaling Relationship Data and Analysis with Cassandra
Cassandra Summit 2014 Keynote  Jonathan Ellis on NoSQL Apache Cassandra 2.1
Cassandra Summit 2016 Keynote
Cassandra Summit Europe 2014 Keynote
Cassandra Tools and Distributed Administration (Jeffrey Berger, Knewton)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra Training   Cassandra Tutorial   Cassandra Database   Online Cassandra Training   
Cassandra Training   Cassandra Tutorial   Online Cassandra Training   Cassandra  
Cassandra Training in Chennai for Data Analysts
Cassandra Tuning   Above and Beyond (Matija Gobec, SmartCat)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Cassandra Tutorial   Cassandra Training   Cassandra Online Training   
Cassandra Use Cases   Edureka
Cassandra vs MySQL (NoSQL vs SQL database comparison)  Topconf Tallinn 2015
Cassandra While Building go90 (Christopher Webster  u0026 Thomas Ng, AOL)   C  Summit 2016
Cassandra with Java
Cassandra ?? ???????? (??????? ????????, ???????)
Cassandra ???? ??ver
Cassandra, Couchbase and Spring Data in the Enterprise
Cassandra Based Image Processing  Two Case Studies (Kerry Koitzsch, Kildane)   C  Summit 2016
CassandraDB Connector Demo   CassandraDB Integration
CassieQ  The Distributed Message Queue Built on Cassandra (Anton Kropp, Curalate)   C  Summit 2016
CassViewer  Apache Cassandra GUI Tool
Choice of NoSQL database for your project  Don't bite off more than you can chew (HappyDev 2013)
Choose the right NoSQL Database I MongoDB Tutorial   Edureka
Christopher Batey   Going async with Akka and Cassandra
Cisco  Implementing Apache Cassandra at Cisco Commerce
Client Server Demo  Cassandra + Redis + AngularJS + Bootstrap + Postman
Clock Skew and Distributed Systems (Donny Nadolny, PagerDuty)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Codecentric  CQRS and Event Sourcing Applications with Cassandra
Cold Storage That Isn't Glacial (Joshua Hollander, Protectwise)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Community Webinar   Bulk Loading Data into Cassandra
Comparing InfluxDB and Cassandra for Time Series Data Management
Configuring Apache Zepplin for Cassandra
Conférence MiNET 2016 1  4 Introduction + Cassandra data structures  u0026 algorithms
Connecting Java to Cassandra
Connecting Tableau to Cassandra Using the Simba ODBC Driver  a How to
Connecting your .NET application with NoSQL Database – MongoDB   Cassandra
Containerized Data Persistence on Mesos with Kafka, MySQL, Cassandra, HDFS and More! (by Joe Stein)
Continuous Deployment with Cassandra, Datastax C  SF Users Meetup at Disqus
Contributing to Apache Cassandra
Coursera  Coursera's Adoption of Cassandra
CQL performance with Apache Cassandra 3.0 (Aaron Morton, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Credit Suisse  An Overview of the Hippo Project at Credit Suisse
CRUD Operations in Cassandra   Edureka
CSCI E 63 BIG DATA ANALYTICS  Spark  u0026 Cassandra
CSCI E185, 2013 Final Project    Cassandra is a real time column oriented database
cscie 185 Cassandra Is a Real time column oriented database
Data mining solution by integrating Spark and Cassandra Big Data Spain 2013
Data Modeling a Scheduling App (Adam Hutson, DataScale)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Data Modeling for Apache Cassandra
Data Modelling in Cassandra  George Thomas at Barcamp Kerala Monsoon 2015
Data Science Meetup   NoSQL baze   Cassandra
Database Camp 2016  UN   Dor Laor, CEO, ScyllaDB   DB Internals of ScyllaDB, Cassandra's Successor
Databricks  Apache Spark   The SDK for All Big Data Platforms
DataStax   Adversarial Modeling for Identity Fraud (Rob Murphy)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Best Practices for Securing DataStax Enterprise (Matt Kennedy)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Data Science with DataStax Enterprise (Brian Hess)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   DataStax Tools for Developers (Alex Popescu)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Distributing the Enterprise, Safely (Thomas Valley)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   DSE Advanced Replication (Brian Hess  u0026 Cliff Gilmore)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   DSE Bring Your Own Spark w Enterprise Security (Artem Aliev)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   DSE Search 5.0 and Beyond (Nick Panahi  u0026 Ariel Weisberg)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Effective Testing in DSE (Lessons Learned) (Predrag Knezevic)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Graph Computing with Apache TinkerPop (Marko Rodriguez)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Graph Data Modeling in DataStax Enterprise (Artem Chebotko)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax   Highly Available Spark Stream + Confluent  u0026 DSE (Ryan Svihla  u0026 Wei Deng)   C  Summit 2016
DataStax   Network Analysis with DSE Graph  u0026 Studio, and TinkerPop (Bob Briody)   C  Summit 2016
DataStax   Scalable Apps with DataStax Drivers (Alex Popescu, Bulat Shakirzyanov)   C  Summit 2016
DataStax   Spark Streaming App with DSE File System (Rocco Varela)   Cassandra Summit 2016
DataStax  Architecting a Big Data Platform with DataStax Enterprise  Cassandra, Spark  u0026 In Memory
DataStax  Diagnosing Performance Problems in Production
DataStax  Disk Latency and Other Random Numbers
DataStax  Drivers — Let Our Powers Combine!
DataStax  Extreme Cassandra Optimization   The Sequel
DataStax  Helping Companies Leverage Cassandra
DataStax  Hit the Turbo Button on Your Cassandra Application Performance
DataStax  How to Roll Cassandra into Production Without Losing your Health Mind or Job
DataStax  Real Data Models of Silicon Valley with Chief Evangelist Patrick McFadin
DataStax  Reliable and Continuous Data Availability
Datastax  u0026 Libon  Orange  Billions of Records from SQL to Cassandra, Lessons Learned
Datastax   Free Apache Cassandra Course
Datastax   Who We Are
DataStax brings big data, Cassandra, to business
DataStax Cassandra Java Tutorial Part I  u0026 II
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Apache Cassandra Overview
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   DataStax Enterprise Overview
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   DataStax OpsCenter Overview
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Installing Cassandra and OpsCenter
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Managing Objects  u0026 Data In Cassandra
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Overview of DataStax OpsCenter
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Understanding data consistency in Cassandra
DataStax Cassandra Tutorials   Understanding partitioning and replication in Cassandra
DataStax DevCenter
DataStax Enterprise  The Database for Cloud Applications
DataStax Enterprise 2.0 Overview
DataStax Enterprise Graph Overview   DataStax Enterprise 5
DataStax Hosts its Testing Lab on Google Compute Engine
DataStax OpsCenter
DataStax Training  Everything you need to become a Cassandra Rockstar
DataStax Virtual Lab
Datos IO   Aaron Morton Presents Scalable Recovery for Cassandra
David van Geest   Building a Distributed Task Scheduler With Akka Kafka and Cassandra
DBAs Guide to NoSQL Apache Cassandra PDF
DC Cassandra Meetup   Data Modeling
Dealing with JVM Limitations in Apache Cassandra
December's Teacher of the Month is Cassandra Novack
Deep Dive  Spark SQL+DataFrames+Data Sources API+Parquet+Cassandr­a Connector
Deep Dive into Apache Cassandra with Brent Theisen
Deletes Without Tombstones or TTLs (Eric Stevens, ProtectWise)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Delivering Meaning at High Velocity with Spark Streaming   Helena Edelson (DataStax)
Demo of DataStax Enterprise Search
Demonware (Activision Blizzard)  Deploying Apache Cassandra for Call of Duty
Design Session Improv on Cassandra (Jon Haddad  u0026 Nate McCall, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Design, Deployment and Service Discovery of Docker Java App with Solr, Cassandra and Mongo
Developing Applications with Apache Cassandra
Devnexus 2015   Cassandra + Spark The New Analytics Too   Robbie Strickland
Difference Between Hadoop Big Data, Cassandra, MongoDB
Discussion on Cassandra with Jonathan Shook from DataStax Part 1
Discussion on Cassandra with Jonathan Shook from DataStax Part 2
Distributed Reservations w Cassandra, Andrew Baker, Jeffrey Carpenter, Choice Hotels, C  Summit 2016
Distributed, NoSQL database
Dor Laor DevconTLV March 2016  1 Million CQL operations per server
DuyHai Doan   Apache Cassandra 3 New Cool Features
DuyHai Doan   Apache Cassandra Evangelist; Technical Advocate, Datastax   Webit.Festival 2016
DuyHai Doan   Apache Zeppelin, the missing component for your BigData eco system
DuyHai DOAN   SASI, Cassandra on the full text search ride!
Dynamic Dynamos  Comparing Riak and Cassandra (Jason Brown)   RICON West 2013
DynamoDB   The Paper That Changed The Database World
DyuHai Doan   Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data backend
eBay  Apache Cassandra Best Practices at Ebay
Elassandra  Elasticsearch as C  Secondary Index (R. Trouville, V. Royer, Independent) C  Summit 2016
elassandra kibana demo
ER Diagram Tutorial   ER Diagram Tutorial in Cassandra   Hotel Database Management using Cassandra
Eric Evans at #bbuzz 2010
Everyday I'm Scaling... Cassandra (Ben Bromhead, Instaclustr)   C  Summit 2016
Everything to Know about Tunable Consistency (Edward Capriolo, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Evolution of Big Data  Spark, Cassandra and in memory systems by OSCAR MENDEZ at Big Data Spain 2013
Evolution of cassandra lucene index (Gource Visualization)
Evolution of FiloDB (Gource Visualization)
Evolution of killrweather (Gource Visualization)
Evolution of spark cassandra connector (Gource Visualization)
Evolution of spring data cassandra (Gource Visualization)
Excellent Training for Apache Cassandra  BigDataTraining.IN
Exoscale  Cyanite   Better Graphite Storage with Apache Cassandra
Expert Insights
Expert level Big Data Training Chennai   Hadoop Cassandra
Expert Level MongoDB CouchDB Cassandra NoSQL HBASE  Chennai
Expert Level MongoDB CouchDB Cassandra NoSQL HBASE Online Training
Expert Level NoSQL Training on MongoDB CouchDB Cassandra HBASE Online
FamilySearch  Huge Online Genealogical Database Driven by Cassandra
FamilySearch  Performance Tuning Apache Cassandra in AWS
Fast In Memory SQL on C  with Ignite (Rachel Pedreschi, GridGain    Igor Rudyak, EPAM) C  Summit 2016
Fast Track to getting started with DSE Max (Cassandra, Spark  u0026 Solr)   Datastax   DuyHai Doan
Finn.no  Apache Cassandra (and Hadoop) Case Studies from FINN.no
FLOSS Weekly 392  Apache Cassandra
FOSDEM 2016   Aw1126   Scylla A Cassandra Compatible Nosql Database At 2 Million Requests S
FOWA 2013. Sharding and Scaling Your Database. Neha Narula
frontend and backend of facebook    2 Things That Most People Don't Know
FullContact  Reading Cassandra SSTables Directly for Offline Data Analysis
Geospatial and bitemporal search in C  by Andrés de la Peña at Big Data Spain 2015
Getting Started Using the Cassandra CLI
Getting Started with Apache Cassandra and Apache Zeppelin (DuyHai DOAN, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Getting started with Apache Spark + Apache Cassandra Part 1
Getting started with Apache Spark + Apache Cassandra Part 2
Getting started with Apache Spark + Apache Cassandra Part 3
Getting Started with ASP.NET WebApi  u0026 Cassandra using Docker, Part 1
Getting Started with Cassandra and Python
Getting Started with Cassandra CQL on a Mac
Getting Started with Cassandra
Getting started with Spark  u0026 Cassandra by Jon Haddad of Datastax
Getting Started with Spark  u0026 Cassandra
Getting Started with the DataStax C# Driver for Apache Cassandra
Google  The Challenge of Tuning Apache Cassandra on Cloud Environments
GORM for Cassandra
Gossip Protocol   Apache Cassandra   Edureka
GOTO 2012 • Real time Analytics with Apache Cassandra • Richard Low
GOTO 2012 • Running Netflix on Cassandra in the Cloud • Adrian Cockcroft
Greach 2015   Cassandra and Grails by Jeff Beck
GumGum  Multi Region Cassandra in AWS
H3 Hcube
Hadoop  Cassandra   Training in Chennai
Hadoop Big Data Consulting services
Hadoop Cassandra Training In Bangalore
Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners   Hadoop in 2015   Hadoop Integration with Spark, Cassandra, Pentaho
Hadoop vs. Cassandra
Hadoop. NoSQL, HBase, Cassandra
Hailo  Building A Global Startup using Apache Cassandra
Hands on Cassandra NoSQL HBASE Training in Chennai INDIA
Hbase vs Cassandra   Edureka
HBase vs. Cassandra
Hecuba2  Cassandra Operations Made Easy (Radovan Zvoncek, Spotify)   C  Summit 2016
Hey Big Data, meet Apache Spark By Marco Vasquez of MapR
Hey Relational Developer, Let's Go Crazy (Patrick McFadin, DataStax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
History of Cassandra   Jonathan Ellis   Apache Cassandra Chair
Honest Performance Testing with
How Apache Cassandra enables the Internet Enterprise   Hayato Shimizu   DataStax
How Cassandra Deletes Data (Alain Rodriguez, The Last Pickle)   Cassandra Summit 2016
How Email Met Apache Cassandra with Narmal 2014
How the Spark Cassandra Connector Reads Data   Beg
How to bulk load into Cassandra NoSQL   Talend v5.4 features
How to cassandra Convert hex byte values into a human readable format
How to connect to Cassandra database using ODBC drivers
How To Create a Parameterized Report with Cassandra using Pentaho Reporting and Kettle
How To Create a Report with Cassandra using Pentaho Reporting and Kettle
How to Create Keyspace and Table in Cassandra
How To Install Apache Cassandra 2.1.5  u0026 Run a Single or Multiple Node Cluster On Ubuntu Server 15.04
How to Install Cassandra in Ubuntu   Kalyan Hadoop Training in Hyderabad
How to Install Cassandra in Ubuntu
How to install cassandra, php, mysql and apache on VPS Ubuntu 15.10 (linode)
How To Install Tutorials   Installing Apache Cassandra
How To Install Tutorials   Installing Apache Cassandra
How to NoSQL with Scylla, the Cassandra Successor with Extreme Performance   Avi Kivity, CTO, Scylla
How To Read Data From Cassandra using Pentaho Kettle
How to Use DreamFactory's Cassandra REST API
How To Write Data To Cassandra Using Pentaho Kettle
Hunk Cassandra Setup
Hu?ng d?n cài d?t cassandra trên win 7
iland  Leveraging Cassandra for real time multi datacenter public cloud analytics
Implementing the Kiji Data Model to Build Real Time, Big Data Apps on Cassandra
Import CSV file into Cassandra
ING  Apache Cassandra at ING — Testing the Waters Consistency Required!
Instagram  Apache Cassandra at Instagram 2014
Install Apache Cassandra (Single Node)
Installation of Apache Cassandra on window 7,8.1
Installing Apache Cassandra in Windows  u0026 Connecting to Java
Installing Apache Cassandra In Windows
Installing Cassandra and Cqlsh on Windows
Installing Cassandra on Mac OS
Installing DataStax on Digital Ocean
Integrating Cassandra with Hadoop   Cassandra   Hadoop Integration Tutorial   Edureka
Interview Michael Shaler Datastax Big Data Apache Cassandra Provider  u0026 BizCloud Strata 2013
Interview with Jonathan Ellis of Cassandra and Datastax
Intro   Cassandra Summit 2012   theCUBE
Intro to Apache Cassandra Developer  u0026 Administrator Walkthrough
Intro to Apache Cassandra
Intro to NoSQL with Cassandra by Brian Wawok
Introducción a NoSQL (Apache Cassandra, CouchDB y MongoDB)
Introduction a` Apache Cassandra
Introduction to Apache Cassandra by Patrick McFadin
Introduction To Apache Cassandra Certification Training   Simplilearn
Introduction to Apache Cassandra Certification Training   What is Apache Cassandra
Introduction To Apache Cassandra
Introduction to Apache Thrift   Edureka
Introduction to CAP Theorem   Edureka
Introduction to Cassandra (Mick Semb Wever, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Introduction to Cassandra Column Family   Edureka
Introduction to Cassandra Data Model   Edureka
Introduction to CQL   Edureka
Introduction to DDL   CASSANDRA   Edureka
Introduction to Hadoop Mapper   Edureka
Introduction to NoSql and its Data models with detailed explanation.
introduction to NoSql Databases
Introduction to Snitches    Cassandra   Edureka
Introduzione ad Apache Cassandra
IOT, timeseries and prediction with Android, Cassandra and Spark  Amira Lakhal  JOTB16
IOT, timeseries and prediction with Android, Cassandra and Spark by Amira Lakhal at Scalar Conf
IOT, timeseries and prediction with Android, Cassandra and Spark by Amira Lakhal
IOT, timeseries and prediction with Android, Cassandra and Spark par Amira LAKHAL (FR)
IOT, Timeseries and prediction with Android, Cassandra and Spark
Ippevent Spark   Spark+Cassandra   Victor Constenoble, DataStax
Ivan Sobolev
Java  u0026 apache Cassandra connectivity step by step
Java and Cassandra connection tutorial
Java Cassandra Tutorials   Connecting To Cassandra  Part 1
Java Cassandra Tutorials   Connecting To Cassandra  Part 2
Java Cassandra Tutorials   Connecting To Cassandra  Part 3
JavaDay Kharkiv 2015  Apache Cassandra. Inception   all you need to know (Mikhail Dubkov)
Javantura v2   Data modeling with Apache Cassandra   Marko Švaljek
JAX London 2012  Chat with Github's Tim Berglund
Jimmy Mårdell  Cassandra at Spotify   Scaling storage to millions of users world wide
Joel Jacobson (Datastax)   Diagnosing Cassandra Problems in Production
Jonathan Ellis   Cassandra Summit 2012   theCUBE
Jonathan Ellis interviewed at OSCON 2012
Journey into Cassandra, from an IoT developer perspective
Kafka   Spark Streaming   Cassandra
Kafka et Spark sont dans un bateau
KDM  Automated Data Modeling Tool for Cassandra
Killr  Data Modeling Evolved (Patrick McFadin, Datastax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Kundera Tutorial
Kyle Kingsbury and Al Tobey   Cassandra and Go Doubleheader
LA Cassandra Meetup 11  13  14  Apache Cassandra Story at GumGum — HBase to Cassandra Migration
Ladies Who Code Manchester  Cassandra   A Distributed Database
Lambda Architecture with Cassandra (Vaibhav Puranik, GumGum)   C  Summit 2016
Lambda Architecture with Spark Streaming, Kafka, Cassandra, Akka and Scala
Lambda Architecture, Analytics and Data Pathways with Spark Streaming, Kafka, Akka and Cassandra
Learn Cassandra   2   Setting up cassandra on Mac
Learn Cassandra 1   Introduction
Learn Cassandra 5    Cqsh
Learning Apache Cassandra   Manage Fault Tolerant and Scalable Real Time Data
Les Hazlewood   Session Clustering with Cassandra and Apache Shiro
Lesson Learnt with Data Modelling in Cassandra at RoZetta Technology
Lessons from Cassandra  u0026 Spark (Matthias Niehoff  u0026 Stephan Kepser, codecentric AG)   C  Summit 2016
Lessons Learned on Java Tuning for Our Cassandra Clusters (Carlos Monroy, Knewton)   C  Summit 2016
Light Weight Transactions Under Stress  (Christopher Batey, The Last Pickle)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Load Testing Cassandra Applications (Ben Slater, Instaclustr)   C  Summit 2016
London Cassandra Meetup 10  23  Apache Cassandra at British Gas Connected Homes for an IoT Use Case
Macy's  Changing Engines in Mid Flight
Macy's  ?Switching Engines During Flight  Apache Cassandra at Macy's
Maintaining Consistency Across Data Centers (Randy Fradin, BlackRock)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Managing big data with distributed computation in Apache Cassandra
Managing Cassandra metadata using the Cassandra wizard   Talend v5.6 features
Marko Švaljek   Cassandra, web scale NoSQL data platform
Martin Van Ryswyk   Spark Summit   theCUBE
Mastering Apache Cassandra Second Edition E Book
Mastering Apache Spark E Book
Mastering Cassandra  Internationalization   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  Java Development Kit   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  Logging In and Authentication   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  The Core Concepts   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  The Course Overview   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  The Spring Core   packtpub
Mastering Cassandra  The Spring Web MVC Architecture   packtpub
Materialized Views with Cassandra
Matt Pfeil   Cassandra Summit 2012   theCUBE
Maximum Overdrive  Tuning the Spark Cassandra Connector (Russell Spitzer, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Meaningful User Experience with Graph Data (Chris Lacava, Expero)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Measuring the Impact of Durability and Consistency Guarantees on Performance and Failover
Mesosphere and DataStax lead Databases Into
Micro batching  High performance Writes (Adam Zegelin, Instaclustr)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Microsoft  Azure + DataStax Enterprise Powers Office365 Per User Store
Microsoft  Highly Scalable Web Application in the Cloud with Cassandra, C# and Azure
Microsoft's Experience Using Spark and Cassandra for Big Data Analytics
Midwest.io 2014   Time Series with Apache Cassandra   Patrick McFadin
Migrating Data Pipeline from MongoDB to Cassandra   Demi Ben Ari  Windward (Heb)
Migration from Thrift to CQL (Brij Bhushan Ravat, Ericsson)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Modernizing Infrastructures for Fast Data with Spark, Akka, Kafka, Cassandra  u0026 Mesos
Modernizing Infrastructures for Fast Data with Spark, Akka, Kafka, Cassandra and Mesos
MongoDB CouchDB Cassandra NoSQL HBASE Online Training
MongoDB vs Cassandra   Edureka
Monitoring Big Data Systems  
Monitoring Cassandra  Don't Miss a Thing (Alain Rodriguez, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Monitoring Cassandra at Scale (Jason Cacciatore, Netflix)   C  Summit 2016
Monolith to Microservices with Cassandra, gRPC, and Falcor (Luke Tillman, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Moving from Experiment to Production (Christos Kalantzis, DataScale)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Multi Instance Overview   DataStax Enterprise 5
Multicloud Scalability  NoSQL with Cassandra, Java EE, CDI, and Containers
My Apache Cassandra DBMS Demonstration
MySQL Basic Tutorials 1   How To  Create and Delete Database Using MySQL Command
MySQL to Cassandra Big Data, High Scale, Data Migration, Oh My! Scott Bonneau CTO  u0026 EVP Bazaarvoice
Myths of Big Partitions (Robert Stupp, DataStax)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Netflix  A State of Xen   Chaos Monkey  u0026 Cassandra
Netflix  Astyanax — To Be or Not To Be
Netflix  Cassandra  Netflix — Building a House of Cards on a Solid Foundation
Netflix Recs. Using Spark + Cassandra (Prasanna Padmanabhan  u0026 Roopa Tangirala)   C  Summit 2016
New features in Apache Cassandra v1.2
NO SQL Cassandra instalación y configuración
No to MYSQL  How to use Cassandra with R and RCasandra versus Hadoop and HBase
Noble Group  Normalised, Non Tick Time Series Wearing a DSL Cap
NodeJS  u0026 Express 4 With Cassandra    Part 2
NodeJS  u0026 Express 4 With Cassandra    Part 3
NodeJS  u0026 Express 4 With Cassandra    Part 4
NodeJS  u0026 Express 4 With Cassandra    Part 6
NodeJS  u0026 Express 4 With Cassandra   Part 1
NoSQL  Cassandra  u0026 MongoDB   Webinar  1   Edureka
NoSQL Apache Cassandra at Rackspace Interview
NoSQL Data Modelling for Scalable eCommerce
NoSQL Database Comparison by Ben Engber
NoSQL Databases   Apache Cassandra Tutorials
NoSQL Databases Cassandra 2  2
NoSQL Overview
NOSQL part 1, Ran
NoSQL Vs RDBMS   HBase Vs Cassandra Vs MongoDB   NoSQL   NoSQL Vs SQL   NoSQL Tutorial For Beginners
NoSQL, WTF! Let’s Talk NewSQL
nosqleast 2009 sarkissian cassandra
NYC  2013  
Ok.ru  Add a Bit of ACID to Apache Cassandra
OLTP vs OLAP   Apache Cassandra Tutorial   Edureka
One year of tweets, zoom in!!! #BigData #Spark #Cassandra #QGis #TimeManager
Operations Can't Fix a Bad Data Model   A Tech Talk about Ops and Cassandra
Operations, Consistency, Failover for Multi DC (Alexander Dejanovski, Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
OpsCenter 6 Overview   DataStax Enterprise 5
Optimizing Your Cluster with Coordinator Nodes (Eric Lubow, SimpleReach)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Oracle  Let My People Go! (Shu Zhang, Ilya Sokolov, Symantec)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Orange  The Cassandra Experience at Orange — Season 2
OSCON Cluster Smash with special guest Jonathan Ellis
Outbrain Case Study   Scylla Summit 2016
Outliers Detection in Time Series w Cassandra  u0026 Spark (Jean Armel Luce, Orange)   C  Summit 2016
ParkMate   Real Time parking spot recommendation engine
Part 1   Apache Cassandra Installation From Scratch   Ubuntu
Percona Live 2016 Day 3 Keynote   Patrick McFadin DataStax
Performance Testing Apache Cassandra   an introduction to cstar perf
Philly ETE 2016 #4   NoLambda  A new architecture combining streaming, ad hoc, machine...   E. Chan
PhillyETE2015 #9 Streaming Big Data w  Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Cassandra  u0026 Akka Helena Edelson
Pivotal  Apache Cassandra on Pivotal CloudFoundry
Pivotal  Building a Multi Tenant Apache Cassandra for Cloud Foundry
PlayStation  u0026 Searchable Cassandra w  out Solr (D. Pham  u0026 A. Filipchik, Sony)   C  Summit 2016
PlayStation and Cassandra Streams (Alexander Filipchik  u0026 Dustin Pham, Sony)   C  Summit 2016
PNWS 2014   Apache Spark II  Streaming Big Data Analytics with Team Apache, Scala  u0026 Akka
Postcode Anywhere  Optimize eCommerce with Machine Learning — Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Spark
Presentation on A big data modeling methodology for Apache cassandra
Pro Docker E Book
Process Streaming Data from the Twitter using Teknek and Cassandra
Processing 50k Events  second w Cassandra  u0026 Spark (Ben Slater, Instaclustr)   C  Summit 2016
Processing cassandra datasets with hadoop streaming
Productizing a Cassandra Based Solution (Brij Bhushan Ravat, Ericsson)   C  Summit 2016
Proofpoint  Fraud Detection and Security on Social Media
Prygma Processing Cassandra Dataset with Hadoop streaming Based Approaches
Pythian  Monitor Everything!
QCon London 2014  Going Native with Apache Cassandra with Johnny Miller
Rapid Cassandra Tutorial  Cassandra Query Language   packtpub
Re envisioning the Lambda Architecture  Web Services  u0026 Real time Analytics w   Storm and Cassandra
Real time analytics with Cassandra   Tom Wilkie
Real Time Application   Apache Cassandra   Edureka
Real World Repairs (Vinay Chella, Netflix)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Real World Tales of Repair (Alexander Dejanovski, The Last Pickle)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Real World Use Case with Cassandra (Eddie Satterly, DataNexus)   C  Summit 2016
Real time Analytics using Cassandra, Spark and Shark at Ooyala by Evan Chan
Real Time Analytics with Apache Cassandra at LoopLogic
Real time anomaly detection with Cassandra, Spark and Akka by Natalino Busa at Big Data Spain 2015
Real Time Connected Fitness (A. Chakraborty, J. Machacek, Cake Solutions)   C  Summit 2016
Real time Customer 360 (Matt Stump, Vorstella)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Real time Data Integration w Kafka  u0026 Cassandra (Ewen Cheslack Postava, Confluent)   C  Summit 2016
Real time IoT data analytics and visualization with Kaa, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Zeppelin
Realtime Advanced Analytics  Spark Streaming+Kafka, MLlib  GraphX, SQL
Realtime Data Pipeline w Spark  u0026 Cassandra + Mesos (Rahul Kumar, Sigmoid)   C  Summit 2016
RedHat  Scalable Geospatial Indexing with Cassandra
Reltio  Powering Enterprise Data driven Applications with Cassandra
Replication and Consistency in Cassandra (Chris Bradford, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
RohitBhardwaj#5   Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark Streaming for real time analytics
Running 400 node Cassandra + Spark Clusters in Azure (Anubhav Kale, Microsoft)   C  Summit 2016
Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos Across Multiple Datacenters at Uber
Running Real Time Queries with Spark and Shark on Top of C  Data
S3, Cassandra or Outer Space    Demi Ben Ari  Windward (Heb)
SaKE19 Dirk Guijt Zeppelin and Spark
SASI  Cassandra on the Full Text Search Ride (DuyHai DOAN, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Satoris 1.0 Community   Metering Apache Cassandra
Scalable Data Modeling by Example (Carlos Alonso, Job and Talent)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Scalable Full Text Search with DataStax Enterprise by Piotr Kolaczkowski
ScalaIO   Piotr Kolaczkowski   Lightning fast cluster computing with Cassandra and Spark
Scalapeño 2016  Dumping Time Series Data with Spark (Demi Ben Ari)
Scaling 24  7 Continuous  Recording (James Miller, Comcast)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Scaling Cassandra and MySQL
School of BigData   Apache Spark,Scala Kafka, Flink
Scylla and Cassandra at Kenshoo   Scylla Summit 2016
ScyllaDB  Cassandra compatibility at 1.8 million requests per node    Dor Laor  ScyllaDB (Eng)
ScyllaDB  Cassandra compatibility at 1.8 million requests per node
ScyllaDB  Present and Future   Scylla Summit 2016
ScyllaDB  What could you do w   Cassandra compatibility at 1.8 mill reqs   node
Searching Cassandra with Solr  Rachel Pedreschi
SeaStar Cloud for Apachee Cassandra in360 
Secure and protect Cassandra databases with IBM Security Guardium
Securing Big Data in Apache Cassandra
Securing Cassandra for Compliance (or Paranoia) (Nate McCall, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
Sergey Sverchkov  Evaluating NoSQL Performance  Which Database is Right for Your Data
setup cassandra
sfspark  Evan Chan, Configuring and Deploying Apache Spark
sfspark  Evan Chan, FiloDB  Combining Spark Streaming and Fast Ad Hoc Analytics
Sky  Cassandra Is Great, but How Do I Test It
So why would I use a distributed database like Apache Cassandra
Socrata, Inc  Interactive OLAP Queries using Apache Cassandra and Spark
Sony Network Entertainment  Common Cassandra Performance Patterns Seen Through Histograms
Sony Network Entertainment  Launching PlayStation 4 with Apache Cassandra
Spark After Dark 2.0   Big Data by the Bay SF May 16 2016
Spark Analytics on Cassandra Data
Spark And Cassandra  2 Fast, 2 Furious
Spark and Cassandra  An Amazing Apache Love Story   Patrick McFadin (Datastax)
Spark and Cassandra   Martin Van Ryswyk
Spark and Cassandra Connection via Spark Shell with example
Spark Cassandra  Training Bangalore BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra  Training Chennai BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra  Training Pune BigDataTraining.IN
spark cassandra Training Bangalore BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra Training Bangalore
spark cassandra Training Chennai BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra Training Chennai
spark cassandra Training Hyderabad BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra Training Hyderabad
spark cassandra Training Mumbai BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra Training Mumbai
Spark Cassandra Training Online BigDataTraining.IN
spark cassandra Training Pune BigDataTraining.IN
Spark Cassandra Training Pune
Spark Cassandra Tutorial
Spark Jobs and Data Modeling in Cassandra   Tal Sliwowicz Taboola (Heb)
Spectator to Participant. Contributing to Cassandra (Patrick McFadin, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Spotify  How to Use Apache Cassandra
SQL  NoSQL  NewSQL  What's a Java developer to do
SQL vs NoSQL Panel
Storing Cassandra Metrics (Chris Lohfink, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Stormpath  Infinite Session Clustering with Cassandra
Stratio  Apache Cassandra at Telefonica CBS
Streaming Analytics with Spark and Cassandra   ING   Natalino Busa
Stubbed Cassandra Talk Scala User Group Cologne
Super Power Cassandra for Extreme OLTP Workloads with GridGain
Sydney Cassandra Users Meetup Event
Symantec  Cassandra Data Modelling techniques in action
Tales From the Field  The Wrong Way of Using Cassandra (Carlos Rolo, Pythian)   C  Summit 2016
Taller BigData OpenAnalytics   Introducción a Cassandra 22  05  2014
Target  Apache Cassandra at Target — Pioneering NoSQL in a Big Enterprise
Tech Talk  Cassandra Data Modeling
Terminator vs Bruce Lee or Cassandra vs MySQL by Maxim Zakharenkov
Terror  u0026 Hysteria  Cost Effective Scaling with Cassandra (Sam Bisbee, Threat Stack)   C  Summit 2016
Tesora  Managing Cassandra Databases with OpenStack Trove
Testing Apache Cassandra with Jepsen  How to Understand and Produce Safe Distributed Systems
Testing Atomicity of Composed Concurrent Operations  u0026 Automatic Fine Grain Locking
Testing Cassandra with Jepsen as a Service (Philip Thompson, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
The Apache Cassandra Community
The Apache Cassandra™ Community
The Best and Worst of Cassandra stress Tool (Christopher Batey, The Last Pickle)   C  Summit 2016
The Last Pickle  Hardening Apache Cassandra for Compliance or Paranoia
The Last Pickle  Lesser Known Features of Cassandra 2.0 and 2.1
The Last Pickle  Successful Software Development with Apache Cassandra
The Promise  u0026 Perils of Encrypting Cassandra Data (A. Divatia, Baffle)   C  Summit 2016
The Right Database for the Right Job w Tim Ojo
The State of Testing in OSS Cassandra (James Witschey, Philip Thompson, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
The Storage Technologies Behind Facebook Messages
There and Back again, ING's Cassandra Tale (Christopher Reedijk, Gary Stewart, ING)   C  Summit 2016
There are More Clouds! Azure and Cassandra (Carlos Rolo, Pythian)   C  Summit 2016
This Week in Cassandra  Analytics without ETL 3  25  2016
This Week In Cassandra  Cassandra Data Modeler 6  23  16
This Week in Cassandra  Contemplating Compaction 4  8  2016
This Week in Cassandra  Data Modeling in the Real World 5  27  2016
This Week In Cassandra 6  3  2016
Time Series Stream Processing with Spark and Cassandra
Time Series
Tobi Bosede   PyCassa Setting Up and Using Apache Cassandra with Python in Windows
Tombstone Compactions in Cassandra (James Witschey  u0026 Philip Thompson, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Trivia  How to NoSQL with Scylla, the Cassandra Successor with Extreme Performance   CTO, Scylla
Trivia   Apache Cassandra  u0026 Apache Spark for Time Series Data   Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist
Troubleshooting Cassandra (J.B. Langston, DataStax)   C  Summit 2016
Tuning Speculative Retries to Fight Latency (M. Figuiere, M. Do, Netflix)   Cassandra Summit 2016
Turkcell  Turkcell Curio—Real Time Mobile Marketing on Apache Kafka, Storm  u0026 Cassandra
Turning The DATABASE Inside Out With APACHE SAMZA
Tutorial  Redis Cassandra Java Connection
Tutorial Cassandra Query Language CQL commands using cqlsh utility
Tutorial Cassandra
Uber's Approach to Indexing a Firehose of Location Data (Evan Culver, Uber)   Cassandra Summit 2016
UBS Securities  A Journey with Cassandra at UBS Securities
Understanding and Managing Cassandra Vnodes  u0026 Under the Hood  Acunu Analytics
Understanding Cassandra Administration   Cassandra Adminstration Tutorial 1   Edureka
Understanding Java Console   Java Console Tutorial 1   Edureka
Use Your MySQL Chops to Become an Instant Cassandra Guru!
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Using Spark Streaming for High Velocity Analytics on Cassandra
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Using Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and Akka on Mesos for Real Time Personalization.
Using Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and Akka on Mesos for Real Time Personalization
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Vagrant Cassandra Templates Step 2
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