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Apache Avro
Apache Cassandra
Apache Drill
Apache Flume
Apache Hadoop
Apache HBase
Apache Hive
Apache Mahout
Apache Oozie
Apache Pig
Apache Spark
Apache Sqoop
Apache ZooKeeper
Hadoop HDFS
Hadoop MapReduce
Hadoop streaming
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Hyperion HFM
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Oracle Financial Applications
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  Apache Spark Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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File Name
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (1 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (2 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (3 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (4 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (5 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (6 of 7) Scott Deeg
An Intro to Apache Spark (w Hadoop) for Plain Old Java Geeks (7 of 7) Scott Deeg
An introduction to Apache Spark
An Overview of Apache Spark
Analyzing Log Data With Apache Spark
Anatomy of Data Frame API   Deep dive into Spark SQL Data Frame API
Anatomy of RDD    Deep dive into Spark RDD abstraction
Announcing Apache Spark on Azure HDInsight
Anomaly Detection with Apache Spark   Sean Owen
Anomaly detection with Apache Spark
Apache Parquet  u0026 Apache Spark
Apache Scala Training   scala Tutorial   Online scala Training   scala   
Apache Spark   Distributed Machine Learning using MLbase
Apache Spark   Introduction to Spark Shell and SparkUI
Apache Spark  u0026 Scala Training and Certification   Live Demo (Trainer Navin)
Apache Spark   Accumulators Implementation   Scala
Apache Spark   Architecture Overview
Apache Spark   Broadcast Variables   Scala   Design
Apache Spark   Broadcast Variables   Scala   Implementation
Apache Spark   Broadcast Variables   Scala   Introduction
Apache Spark   Cluster Modes
Apache Spark   Cluster
Apache Spark   Compute average   Introduction
Apache Spark   Compute average revenue
Apache Spark   Compute total revenue and total number of orders   aggregateByKey
Apache Spark   Concepts and Architecture   Introduction
Apache Spark   Counting Words in a file
Apache Spark   Create RDD for external data sets on HDFS files
Apache Spark   Create RDD for external data sets on OS  local file system
Apache Spark   Create RDD for Parallelized Collections
Apache Spark   Define problem statement and design
Apache Spark   Develop applications using Scala IDE and sbt   Introduction
Apache Spark   Develop applications using Scala IDE and sbt
Apache Spark   Documentation Overview
Apache Spark   Downloading and running on window 8
Apache Spark   Extract required fields   map
Apache Spark   Filtering data   Filter transformation
Apache Spark   Get revenue per order   reduceByKey
Apache Spark   Installation on Hortonworks cluster
Apache Spark   Introduction
Apache Spark   Join order and order items   join transformation
Apache Spark   Joins Introduction
Apache Spark   Launch Spark Shell (Scala)
Apache Spark   Learning Stage 1
Apache Spark   Loading data from relational databases
Apache Spark   MapReduce example and difference between hadoop and spark engine
Apache Spark   Modules Overview
Apache Spark   Read Data Using Spark   Introduction
Apache Spark   Reading orders and order items data
Apache Spark   Run Application On Cluster
Apache Spark   Run Application Using Scala IDE
Apache Spark   Run Spark application on cluster
Apache Spark   Running Application   Introduction
Apache Spark   Save the output
Apache Spark   Scala   Data Frames   Introduction
Apache Spark   Scala   Data Frames and Operations
Apache Spark   Scala   DataFrame APIs
Apache Spark   Scala   DataFrame Application using Scala IDE
Apache Spark   Scala   Develop word count using Scala IDE for Eclipse
Apache Spark   Scala   Externalizing Parameters
Apache Spark   Scala   SparkConf and SparkContext Introduction
Apache Spark   Scala   SparkConf
Apache Spark   Scala   SparkContext
Apache Spark   Setup Environment   Introduction
Apache Spark   Setup environment on eclipse and SBT
Apache Spark   Setup Environment on Mac
Apache Spark   Simple Transformations   Introduction
Apache Spark   Sort the data   sortByKey
Apache Spark   Spark Streaming, ElasticSearch, Kibana
Apache Spark   Streaming using Twitter
Apache Spark   Streaming with Kafka Installing Kafka on Windows 8
Apache Spark   Transformations and Actions Overview
Apache Spark   Understanding data model
Apache Spark 2.0  A Deep Dive Into Structured Streaming   by Tathagata Das
Apache Spark 2.0
Apache Spark 2.x Installation in Ubuntu
Apache Spark better than Hadoop Map Reduce
Apache Spark Certification Material
Apache Spark Clusters for Everyone  Easy Access to Amazon EMR Spark Clusters Using R and Python
Apache Spark Ecosystem   Apache Spark Tutorial   Edureka
Apache Spark ETL for Hive (DWH on top of Hadoop)
Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight Overview
Apache Spark for Beginners   Apache Spark  u0026 Scala Training   Introduction to Apache Spark and Scala
Apache Spark for Big Data Processing
Apache Spark iBeacon Tracking
Apache Spark in v7.1 Part 2
Apache Spark Introduction   Apache Spark  u0026 Scala Tutorial for Beginners   Edureka
Apache Spark Introduction   Hands on   April 28, 2016
Apache Spark Introduction and RDD basics and deep dive part 1
Apache spark job server example with installation
Apache Spark Machine Learning Example code review
Apache Spark Maker Community Event  The livestream playback
Apache Spark Makers Build Online Office Hours #1
Apache Spark Meetup
Apache Spark MLlib 2 0 Preview  Data Science and Production
Apache Spark on Apache HBase  Current and Future
Apache Spark on IBM z Systems Demo for Finance
Apache Spark Scala Training   Spark Scala Tutorial   Online Spark Scala Training   Intellipaat
Apache Spark SQL   loading and saving data using the JSON  u0026 CSV format
Apache Spark SQL   running a sample program
Apache Spark Streaming vs. Apache Storm Trident #WhiteboardWalkthrough
Apache Spark Streaming with Kafka running mapreduce
Apache Spark Streaming with Scala Part 1
Apache Spark Training  RDD  Part 2 (How to do Pivot)
Apache Spark Training for Beginners   Spark Tutorial   Online Spark Training   Intellipaat
Apache Spark Tutorial for beginners   Spark Introduction    What is Spark and Scala
Apache Spark Usage in the Open Source Ecosystem
Apache Spark vs. Apache Flink   Whiteboard Walkthrough
Apache Spark vs. Hadoop  MapReduce   BigDataTraining.IN
Apache Spark vs. MapReduce #WhiteboardWalkthrough
Apache Spark with Amazon S3 setup
Apache spark with Apache HBase Integration
Apache Spark Word Count example   Spark Shell
Apache Spark
Application Programing in Apache Spark  Chapter 7
AWS April 2016 Webinar Series   Best Practices for Apache Spark on AWS
AWS Summit Series 2016   Santa Clara   Best Practices for Using Apache Spark on AWS
BDRE  Spark Demo
BDSBTB 2015  Brad Rubin, Introducing Java  Hadoop Developers to Scala  Spark
Better Together  Fast Data with Apache Spark and Apache Ignite
Beyond Collect and Parallelize for Tests
Beyond Hadoop MapReduce  Interactive Analytic Insights Using Spark
Beyond Hadoop Mapreduce  Spark + Hadoop   Advantage of Spark with Hadoop   Spark Tutorial   Edureka
Beyond Shuffling  Scaling Apache Spark by Holden Karau
Big Data   Time series analysis with Spark and Cassandra
Big Data Analytics With Spark   Big Data and Spark Tutorial   Spark for Beginners   Edureka
Big Data Analytics with Spark and Hadoop E Book
Big Data con Apache Spark
Big Data Meets HPC  Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Memcached
Big Data Processing using Spark  u0026 Scala   Edureka
Bringing HBase Data Efficeintly into Spark with Data Frame support
Build a Recommender System in Apache Spark and Integrate It Using Akka   by Willem Meints
Build a Recommender System in Apache Spark and Integrate it Using Akka by Willem Meints
Building 1000 node elastic Spark clusters on Amazon Elastic MapReduce   Manjeet Chayel (AWS)
Building a Graph
Building Big Data Applications using Spark and Hadoop
Building Realtime Data Pipelines with Kafka Connect and Spark Streaming
Building Robust, Scalable and Adaptive Applications on Spark Streaming   Tathagata Das (Databricks)
Clickstream Analysis with Spark—Understanding Visitors in Realtime
Cloud Computing Using MapReduce Hadoop, Spark   Matei Zaharia
Cloudera  Leading the Way with Apache Spark
Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer
Cluster Computing   Apache Spark
Collecting Streaming News with Apache Flume™ and Spark Streaming
CON1737   Intro to Apache Spark for Java and Scala Developers
Configuration of Apache Spark   Chapter 12
Consuming Java 8 Spark's REST APIs using AngularJS
Continuous Integration for Spark Apps
Crash Introduction to Apache Spark by Paco Nathan at Big Data Spain 2015
Data analysis using Apache spark SQL and Apache zeppelin
Data Science at Scale   Using Apache Spark for Data Science at Bitly
Data to Analytics   Cloudera Quickstart VM   Preview HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop and Spark
DataEngConf  Apache Spark in Financial Modeling at BlackRock
Deep Dive  Apache Spark Memory Management
Deep Dive Into Catalyst  Apache Spark 2 0'S Optimizer
Deployment  u0026 Fundamentals of Apache Spark with Scala  u0026 Python
Describing MLib(Machine Learning Library) of Apache Spark   Chapter 11
Describing the Apache Spark Unified Stack   Chapter 2
Difference between Hadoop MapReduce and Spark
Differences between Hive, Tez, Impala and Spark Sql
Disrupting Big Data with Apache Spark in the Cloud
Distributed Tensor Flow on Spark  Scaling Google's Deep Learning Library
Elasticsearch And Apache Lucene For Apache Spark And MLlib
Enabling Exploratory Analysis of Large Data with R and Spark
Enabling Exploratory DataScience with Spark and R
Enhancements on Spark SQL optimizer
Everyday I'm Shuffling   Tips for Writing Better Spark Programs, Strata San Jose 2015
Extending Apache Spark API
Financial modeling using Apache Spark
Fine Grained Security for Spark and Hive
First Steps With Spark   Spark Screencast #1
Four things to know about reliable Spark Streaming
Free Code Friday  Spark Streaming with HBase
Free Code Friday   Machine Learning with Apache Spark
Free hands on session on stream processing using Apache Spark and Kafka
From DataFrames to Tungsten  A Peek into Spark's Future   Reynold Xin (Databricks)
From Hive to Spark, How Bizo made the Jump   Josh Carver (Bizo)
From MapReduce to Spark  An Ecosystem Evolves for New User Needs
Get the most out of Spark on YARN
Getting Started Running Apache Spark on Apache Mesos   O'Reilly Webcast
Getting Started with Apache Spark
Getting Started with Hive on Spark
GOTO 2015 • A Taste of Random Decision Forests on Apache Spark • Sean Owen
Hadoop     Apache Spark Part   1
Hadoop     Apache Spark Part   2
Hadoop   Apache Spark
Hadoop and Spark Administration   Class 03   Setup HDFS
Hadoop and Spark Administration   Class 04   Setup HDFS (continued)
Hadoop and Spark Administration   Class 06   Setup YARN with MRv2
Hadoop and Spark Administration   HDFS HA and MRv2  Classic
Hadoop and Spark Developer   Class 01   Hadoop Overview and HDFS
Hadoop and Spark Developer   Class 03   HDFS
Hadoop and Spark Developer   Class 09   Hive and EDW introduction
Hadoop and Spark Developer   Class 11   Hive Queries and Spark Introduction
Hadoop and Spark Developer   Class 17   Flume
Hadoop Certification   CCA   Introduction of pyspark (python on spark)
Hadoop Certification   CCA   Setup Spark 1.2.1 on Quickstart VM
Hadoop Certification   CCA   Spark Introduction
Hadoop Fundamentals   Introducing Apache Spark
Hadoop lab   Validate Hive, Pig and Spark
Hadoop Map Reduce Vs. Apache Spark  u0026 Scala
Hadoop Map Reduce Vs. Apache Spark & Scala
Hadoop Map Reduce vs. Spark
Hadoop Meetup at Localytics  Get the most out of Spark on YARN
Hadoop Tutorial #47 Apache Spark  Architecture
Hadoop Tutorial #54 Apache Spark  Broadcast Variables
Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners   Hadoop in 2015   Hadoop Integration with Spark, Cassandra, Pentaho
Hands on Session on Big Data processing using Apache Spark
Hands on Intro to Machine Learning with Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin
HBase and Spark Leveraging your Non Relational Datastore in Batch and Streaming Applications
Hello World in Spark
Highlights and Challenges from Running Spark on Mesos in Production
How Apache Spark Works
How Spark fits into YARN framework
How to Download and Install Apache Spark  Chapter 3
How to get data from MySQL to HDFS using Spark
How to install (Latest) Apache Spark and Scala in Ubuntu
How to Monitor Apache Spark   Chapter 13
How to Pass functions to Apache Spark   Chapter 8
How to Share State Across Multiple Spark Jobs using Apache Ignite
HUG Meetup October 2014  Hive On Spark
IBM z Systems Spark Demo  A Use Case Demo
Immersive Data Visualization Using Spark
Implementing the Lambda Architecture Efficiently with Apache Spark
Inside Apache SystemML
Insights into Pig Spark with Mayur Rustagi
Install Apache Spark and Scala on Windows
Install Apache Spark in Windows
Install Apache Spark on Ubuntu (step by step guide)
Install Spark components and run a Spark Java application on Windows
Integrating Apache Spark and NiFi for Data Lakes
Integrating Apache Spark with PyCharm IDE on Windows 10
Interactive Graph Analytics with Spark   Daniel Darabos (Lynx Analytics)
Interactive Visualization of Streaming Data Powered by Spark
Intro to Apache Spark for Java and Scala Developers   Ted Malaska (Cloudera)
Intro to Apache Spark Streaming   NewCircle Training
Intro to Apache Spark Training   Part 1
Intro to Apache Spark Training   Part 2
Intro to Apache Spark Training   Part 3
Intro to Apache Spark Training   Part 4
Intro to Apache Spark  Paco (Databricks)
Intro to Apache Spark
Introducing Apache Spark Into Your Big Data Architecture
Introduction into Apache Spark Libraries   Chapter 9
Introduction to Apache Spark   Chapter 1
Introduction to Big Data  u0026 Spark   Big Data  u0026 Spark Tutorial   1   Edureka
Introduction to Hadoop (HDFS  u0026 Map  Reduce) for Spark Developers
Introduction to Machine Learning in Spark   Part 1
Introduction to Machine Learning on Apache Spark MLlib
Introduction to Scala   Edureka
Introduction To Spark   Learn About Apache Spark  u0026 Its Ecosystem   Apache Spark tutorial   Edureka
Introduction to Spark  u0026 Scala   Apache Spark Tutorial for Beginners    What is Spark
Introduction to Spark 2.0
Introduction to Spark Architecture
Introduction to Spark Streaming
itversity   using cloudxlab for practice to be Hadoop and Spark Developer
Java  Scala  Python, which one works best for Big Data Spark
Java LWJGL3D    Simple Spark Particle Test
Java project on ScalaIDE   Spark learning
java spark Deploying on heroku
Java Spark Framework HelloWorld Example on IntelliJ
Java User Group Meetup  Apache Drill and Apache Spark
JavaDay Lviv 2015  Introduction to Real Time Big Data with Apache Spark, Taras Matyashovsky
Keynote  Spark 2.0   Matei Zaharia, Apache Spark Creator and CTO of Databricks
Lambda Architecture, Analytics and Data Pathways with Spark Streaming, Kafka, Akka and Cassandra
Lambda at Weather Scale
Learning Spark (Java vs Scala) by Radu Moldovan and Alin Blidisel (1  2)
Learning Spark (Java vs Scala) by Radu Moldovan and Alin Blidisel (2  2)
Learning Spark using “the power of examples(Java vs Scala)”! by Radu Moldovan and Alin Blidisel
Lesson 1 Quick Introduction to Apache Spark
Lessons Learned From Running Spark On Docker
Lighting Fast Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark.
Live Demo  Apache Spark on MapR with MLlib
Livy  A REST Web Service For Apache Spark
Lord of the Spark or an easy way for Java Developers to tame Big Data (Evgeny Borisov, Israel)
m101j 14 hello world mongodb spark freemarker style
Machine Learning With Apache Spark   Simplilearn Webinar
Madrid Apache Spark meetup II
Magellan  Spark as a Geospatial Analytics Engine
Matei Zaharia Hadoop Summit 2011 Spark  In Memory Cluster Computing
Mining Big Data with Apache Spark   Reynold Xin and Aaron Davidson of Databricks
Modern Spark DataFrame and Dataset (Intermediate Tutorial)
Module 2   Apache Spark Create RDD from hdfs (Hands On)
Module 1 Introduction to Apache Spark (HadoopExam Free Training)
MongoDB's $lookup and Spark Connector
My Apache Spark 1.6 setup on Eclipse IDE
New Developments in Spark by Matei Zaharia (IBM Research)
Oleksiy Dyagilev
Operational Tips for Deploying Spark
Orlando Karam   Introduction to Spark with python   PyCon 2015
Parallel Programming with Spark (Part 1  u0026 2)   Matei Zaharia
Pedal to the Metal  Accelerating Apache Spark with Innovations in Silicon Technology
Perfect fit   Apache Spark, Zeppelin and Docker
Performing Log Analysis using Apache Spark and Oracle NoSQL Database
Pivoting Data with SparkSQL
PNWS 2014   Apache Spark II  Streaming Big Data Analytics with Team Apache, Scala  u0026 Akka
Problem Scenario 5  CCA175 Cloudera and Spark Certification (Hive DDL Example)
Processing XML in Apache Spark using Spark XML and the DataFrame API
Production Spark and Tachyon use Cases
Productionizing a 24  7 Spark Streaming service on YARN   Issac Buenrostro, Arup Malakar (Ooyala)
Programming with Spark RDDs   Apache Spark Tutorial   Part 2
PySpark  Python API for Spark   Invoke Spark Shell  u0026 Pyspark   Apache Spark Tuorial   Edureka
PySpark  Python API for Spark
Quick introduction to Apache Spark
RDDs, DataFrames and Datasets in Apache Spark   NE Scala 2016
Reactive Streams, linking Reactive Application to Spark Streaming
Real time Streaming Advanced Analytics Approximations and Recommendations using Apache Spark ML Grap
Real time big data analytics with Apache Solr and Spark
Real world Data Streaming Analytics with HBase Spark with HDInsight(Microsoft Partner TechDays 2016)
Realtime Risk Management Using Kafka, Python, and Spark Streaming
Rest full api with Spark java and mongodb part 1
Rest full api with Spark java and mongodb part 2
Rest full api with Spark java and mongodb part 3 (get post by other name)
Run Apache Spark on Apache Mesos
Running Real Time Queries with Spark and Shark on Top of C  Data
Sandy Ryza, Cloudera   MLlib and Apache Spark
SAP HANA Academy   SAP Smart Data Access for Apache Spark   1 of 4
SAP HANA Academy   SAP Smart Data Access for Apache Spark   3 of 4
SAP HANA Academy   SAP Smart Data Access for Apache Spark   4 of 4
SAP HANA Academy   Vora  Spark Controller  1  9  HIVE Install  u0026 Test
SAP HANA Academy   Vora  Spark Controller  5  9  Hadoop  Hive Config
Scala   Install and Validate
Scala   Install sbt and run scala application
Scala   integrate sbt with Scala IDE for Eclipse
Scala   Run simple application
Scala   Setup Scala and sbt introduction
Scala   Setup Scala IDE and run simple application
Scala   Setup Scala IDE for Eclipse   Introduction
Scala Functional Programming   Edureka
Scale R to Big Data Using Hadoop and Spark
School of BigData   Apache Spark,Scala Kafka, Flink
Seattle Spark Meetup  Concur (2015 07 15) ETL with Spark Streaming and Kafka
Sentiment analysis Using Apache Spark Leader in Bigdata Implementation
Setup Apache Spark 1.6.0 on Windows Full
Setup Intellij Community edition for Scala  Spark
sfspark  Jean Daniel Cryans, Kudu  Data Store for the New Era, with Kafka+Spark+Kudu Demo
SpagoBI 5.2 with Apache Spark, Hive and Hadoop
Spark  u0026 Scala Tutorial   Apache Spark Training  u0026 Scala Tutorial For Beginners
Spark 2.0
Spark after Dark by Chris Fregly at Toronto Apache Spark
Spark and Big Data Introduction   Spark Tutorial   Edureka
Spark And Cassandra  2 Fast, 2 Furious
Spark and Cassandra   Martin Van Ryswyk
Spark and Cassandra Connection via Spark Shell with example
Spark and Shark  High Speed in Memory Analytics Over Hadoop and Hive Data
Spark and Spark Streaming at Uber   Meetup talk with Tathagata Das
Spark as part of a Hybrid RDBMS Architecture John Leach Cofounder Splice Machine
Spark DataFrames  Simple and Fast Analysis of Structured Data   Michael Armbrust (Databricks)
Spark Dataframes  Simple and Fast Analysis of Structured Data
Spark DataFrames for Large Scale Data Science   Apache Spark Meetup  Feb 17, 2015
Spark deploy jar to cluster example
Spark Example   Movie Recommendation Engine with Spark   Collaborative Filtering Algorithm   Edureka
Spark for Big Data   Big Data Processing with Spark   Apache Spark Tutorial   Edureka
Spark Functional Features   Edureka
spark Hbase Training Bangalore BigDataTraining.IN
Spark HBase Training Bangalore
spark Hbase Training Chennai BigDataTraining.IN
Spark HBase Training Chennai
spark Hbase Training Hyderabad BigDataTraining.IN
Spark HBase Training Hyderabad
spark Hbase Training Mumbai BigDataTraining.IN
Spark HBase Training Mumbai
spark Hbase Training Online BigDataTraining.IN
spark Hbase Training Pune BigDataTraining.IN
Spark HBase Training Pune
Spark in Production and Spark HBase
Spark Installation   Apache Spark Installation on Ubuntu   Spark Installation Tutorial
Spark lights a fire under big data processing
Spark Meetup   Spark Data Sources  overview of API  u0026 HBase data source from Huawei
Spark on YARN  a Deep Dive   Sandy Ryza (Cloudera)
Spark on YARN
Spark Performance  What's Next
Spark RDD Explained   Apache Spark RDD Tutorial   Apache Spark  u0026 Scala Tutorial   Edureka
Spark Streaming   Spark Streaming Tutorial for Beginners   Real Time Processing   Edureka
Spark Streaming u0026 Kafka The Future of Stream Processing by Hari Shreedharan of Clouder­a
Spark Summit 2014   Advanced Spark Training   Advanced Spark Internals and Tuning
Spark Summit 2016 Demo  Apache Spark 2.0
Spark Tuning for Enterprise System Administrators
Spark Tutorial for Beginners   1   What is Spark and Scala    Apache Spark  u0026 Scala Tutorial  Edureka
Spark Tutorial for Beginners   2   Functional Programming in Scala   Spark  u0026 Scala Tutorial  Edureka
Spark ­on ­YARN  The Road Ahead  Marcelo Vanzin (Cloudera)
spark,ipython notebook,Use IPython Notebook with Apache Spark,Configure IPython Notebook for PySpark
Sparkflows HBase Load
SparkR  Interactive R programs at Scale   Shivaram Venkataraman, Zongheng Yang (UC Berkeley)
SparkR installation with Hive integration
Stateless dataflows MapReduce Spark by Raul Castro Fernandez at Big Data Spain 2014
Structuring Apache Spark 2.0  SQL, DataFrames, Datasets And Streaming    by Michael Armbrust
Structuring Spark  DataFrames, Datasets, and Streaming   Michael Armbrust (Databricks)
Supercharge R with Spark  Getting Apache's SparkR Up and Running on AWS
Tableau Spark SQL Connector Demo
TensorFrames on Google’s TensorFlow and Apache Spark
The DAP Where Yarn HBase Kafka and Spark go to Production
The DAP Where YARN, HBase, Kafka and Spark go to Production   by Jonathan Gray, Cask   #HSSJ16
The Java Spark Framework
The Perfect Match  Apache Spark Meets Swift
Time Series Analysis with Spark
Time Series Stream Processing with Spark and Cassandra
Top 5 Mistakes When Writing Spark Applications
Toronto Apache Spark #11
Training  Apache Spark Essentials
TRAINING  Data Science with Apache Spark Advanced   Reza Zadeh (Stanford University)
Training  Data Science With Apache Spark
TRAINING  Intro to Apache Spark   Brian Clapper  (Independent Consultant)
Training Continues  Apache Spark Essentials
TRAINING CONTINUES  Data Science with Apache Spark Advanced   Reza Zadeh (Stanford University)
Training Continues  Data Science With Apache Spark
TRAINING CONTINUES  DevOps with Apache Spark Workshop Advanced   Sameer Farooqui (Databricks)
TRAINING CONTINUES  Intro to Apache Spark   Brian Clapper (Independent Consultant)
Training Data Science with Apache Spark
Traits and Oops in Scala   Apache Scala Tutorial   Edureka
Tuning and Debugging Apache Spark
Twitter Analysis with Apache Spark™  u0026 IBM Watson
Understanding Apache Spark in Depth   Spark Explained   Apache Spark Tutorial   Edureka
Understanding Apache Spark Streaming   Chapter 10
Using Apache Spark 2.0 to Analyze the City of San Francisco's Open Data
Using Apache Spark With DB2 for z  OS and z Systems Data
Using Clojure+Spark to Find All the Topics on the Interwebs   Hunter Kelly
Using Spark and Elasticsearch for Real time Data Analysis  Costin Leau (Elasticsearch)
Variable Types of Scala   Edureka
Webinar   Streaming Big Data Analytics with Team Apache Spark  u0026 Spark Streaming, Kafka, Cassandra
Webinar  IoT data ingestion in Apache Spark Streaming using Kaa
What is Apache Spark 
What is Apache Spark
What is Batch processing and real time Processing   Apache Spark Tutorial   Edureka
What is Scala   Introduction to Scala   Scala Tutorial 1   Edureka
What is Scala   Overview of Scala Programming   Edureka
What is Scala REPL   Scala REPL Explained   Scala Tutorial 2   Edureka
What is Spark    Apache Spark Introduction   Apache Spark Tutorial for Beginners   Edureka
What Lies Beneath Apache Spark's RDD API Using Spark shell and WebUI
Why Scala     Edureka
Word Count Problem Solution Using Spark  u0026 Scala Command line    Kalyan Hadoop Training in Hyderabad
Working with Direct Acyclic Grahs (DAG) in Apache Spark  Chapter 5
Working with Resilient Distributed DataSets(RDD) in Apache Spark  Chapter 4
Working with Resilient Distributed DataSets(RDD) Persistence in Apache Spark  Chapter 6
XML Data Processing Using Spark, Reading the data from HDFS  u0026 Writing into HDFS  Spark Training
Yahoo talks about Spark vs. Storm