Account Payable
Accounts Receivable
Apache Ambari
Apache Avro
Apache Cassandra
Apache Drill
Apache Flume
Apache Hadoop
Apache HBase
Apache Hive
Apache Mahout
Apache Oozie
Apache Pig
Apache Spark
Apache Sqoop
Apache ZooKeeper
Hadoop HDFS
Hadoop MapReduce
Hadoop streaming
Hadoop Yarn
Mongo DB
Hyperion DRM
Hyperion Essbase
Hyperion FDM
Hyperion HFM
Hyperion Planning
Hyperion ODI
C Sharp
Cognos IBM
Data Warehouse
General Ledger
MS Access 2016
MS Excel 2016
MS Business Intelligence
MS Exchange Server
MS Project 2016
MS Publisher 2016
MS SharePoint 2016
MS Dynamics
MS SQL Server 2016
Oracle 12c Administration
Backup & Recovery
Oracle Data Guard
Oracle EBS
Oracle Identity Manager
Performance Tuning
Cash Management
Asset Management
Fusion Middleware
Oracle Financial Applications
Oracle E-business tax
Oracle Mobile
Oracle Payroll Fundamentals
Oracle SOA admin
Oracle Product Lifecycle
Oracle project
Oracle Purchasing
Oracle RAC admin
Subledger Accounting
Supply Chain Planning
Visual Basic
Visual Studio
Weblogic Server

  DataWarehouse Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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DataWarehouse ETL Topic
Data Warehouse Basics
Data Warehouse Concepts 1
Data Warehouse Concepts 2
Data Warehouse Concepts 3
Data Warehouse Concepts 4
Data Warehouse   A Tour of Query Studio
Data Warehouse   DV in KImball BUS Architecture
Data Warehouse   Model, Methodology, Architecture, Framewor
Data Warehouse 1 DW Workload and Hardware Intro
Data Warehouse 10 Parallel Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse 11ETL Transformations SSIS
Data Warehouse 12 ELT and FlatFiles
Data Warehouse 13 Table Partition Switching
Data Warehouse 2 Query IO Statistics
Data Warehouse 3 Extended Events
Data Warehouse 4 SQLIO
Data Warehouse 5 Parallelism
Data Warehouse 6 Wait Statistics
Data Warehouse 8 Indexing
Data Warehouse 9 ColumnStore Indexes
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence  Fact Tables and Dimension Tables
Data Warehouse and SSAS OLAP Cubes   Kalman Toth
Data Warehouse Architecture   Business Intelligence Tools Against a Data Vault Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Architecture   Data Vault to Dimensional
Data Warehouse Architecture   DV and CIF
Data Warehouse Architecture   DV vs Inmon
Data Warehouse Architecture   Interview
Data Warehouse Architecture   MDM
Data Warehouse Architecture Inmon or Kimball
01 What is a Data Model
02 07 Data Warehousing
0205 Denormalization Pt.1
0206 Denormalization Pt.2
02 The Object Data Model
03 The Evolution of Data Modeling
03 The Object Relational Data Model
03 What is the Object Data Model
04 Data Warehouse Data Modeling
04 Specialized Data Warehouse Toys
06 The Parts of an Object Data Model
09 05 Managing ASM Disk Groups
09 11 Information Lifecycle Management
1 What is Business Intelligence
1. UML Data Modeling
10 01 Oracle Warehouse Builder
10 03 Designing Relational Target Warehouse
10 04 Designing ETL Data Flow Mappings
10 05 Deploying Objects in Target Warehouse
10 09 ETL Infrastructure
10 11 Using Materialized Views
100 K Means Clustering Algorithms
102 Association Rule Introduction
103 Market Basket Model and Frequent Item Sets
104 A formal approach to Association Rules
105 How to find association Rules
106 Storage Considerations for Market Basaket
107 Memory Bottleneck in Storage of Market Basket
108 A Naive Algorithm to discover Association Rules Part1
109 A Naive Algorithm to discover Association Rules Part2
11 Excel an Excellent Data Mining Tool
110 A Priori Algorithm
111 Extension of A Priori Algorithm
11 Some Specifics of the Object Data Model
17 Data mining
2 Benefits of a Data Warehouse
2 Oracle Warehouse Analytic Workspace OLAP 11g Dimensions
2013 07 25 15.02 Why You Need a Data Warehouse and How Birst Can Help
2ndNormalForm  Part1
2ndNormalForm  Part2
2ndNormalForm  Part3
3   Data Model pt
3 What are Dimensions and Measures
3NF   Data Vault   Star Schema by Data Vault Academy
3NF  3rdNormalForm
5 minute introduction to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
610 how to use the data model template 960
64 Cosine Similarity Example
84 Class Discussion On ECommerce Vs  Traditional Businesses
85 Various Pricing Models For Online Advertisement
86 AdWords AdSense
87 SEM And SEO
88 Introduction to Classification
89 Document classification
90 Manual Classification Methods
91 Naive Bayes Classifiers
92 What is a Reputation System
93 Examples of Reputation System
94 Limitations of Reputation System
95 A  Page Rank Calculation ( In depth Analysis and Proof)
95 Page Rank Calculation
97 Applications of Clustering in IR Systems
98 Issues For Clustering
99 Introduction to Clustering Algorithms
A Day in the Life of a Business Intelligence Engin
Ab Initio Tutorials For Beginners
Abinitio developer
Access 2007 Basics Training 
Access 2007 Tutorial   Creating Calculations Inside Queries
AD 316 M What Does it Take to Add MDS to Your Data Warehouse
Adaptive Planning ETL Process
Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence
Advanced Software Testing  Code Coverage
Agile Testing
An Introduction to Data Modeling
An Overview of SSIS for Newbies and Beginners, Part 3
Analysis Services   05 Dimension Fundamentals
Analysis Services   06 Dimension Hierarchies
Analysis Services   07 Dimension Attribute Relationships
Analysis Services tutorial. Creating OLAP cube. Introduction to data warehouse
Analyzing Time Series
Announcing HANA High Performance Analytical Appliance Vishal SapphireNow
Automatic ETL for BI
B Tree example
BANALY    Data warehousing
Basic Software Testing Interview Questions
Basic Star Schema design
Battery 3   Drum Articulation Tutorial
BD 110   Dimensional Modeling Introduction
Benefits of a Data Warehouse
Benefits of Data Masking
Benefits of Data Warehousing and Dashboards for DMOs (IGENO)
BI Innovation Big Data Analytics, with Shawn Rogers, Enterprise Management Associates
BI Knowldge Exchange with Jim Gallo  Avoid the #1 Reason for BI Project Derailment   2011 05 24
BI Learning  Banded Layout Documents
BI Maturity Models, with Michael Gonzales, managing director, DSS 42
BI4ALL 02B The BI4ALL Data Models   Details
BIA 307 Vertipaq vs OLAP Change Your Data Modeling Approach
BIA 312 SSIS vs T SQL Loading a Data Warehouse
BID 306 Intelligent Laziness with the Management Data Warehouse Why Work Harder When You Can Work Smarter
Big Data Analytics most watched 
Big Data for the masses   Talend Open Studio for Big Data  Part #1   Intro
Big Data Use Case #5   Data Warehouse Augmentation
Big data, new physics
Big Data, OLAP, BI Tutorial   Stars, Wormholes, and Data Warehouse Design
BimeDB  data warehouse as a service
Black Box Testing (Part 1)
Build a KPI Dashboard in 5 minutes
Building Data Warehouses Fast
Business Analysis BA Online Training
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 1
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 2
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 3
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 4
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 5
Business Dimensional Modeling with Laura Reeves   BI Knowledge Exchange   Part 6
Business Intelligence   Introduction
Business Intelligence 3.0
Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Defined
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing   Data Vault Architecture
Business Intelligence Data Vault Methodology
Business Intelligence Defining Hard and Soft Business Rules
Business Intelligence Demo 
Business Intelligence Demonstration
Business Intelligence Differences between DV and 3NF
Business Intelligence in 2020
Business Intelligence Part 1   Ray Rubenstein
Business Intelligence Part 2   Ray Rubenstein
Business Intelligence Part 3   Ray Rubenstein
Business Intelligence Series (Session 6)  Open source Data warehouse  BI A Primer
Business Intelligence Similarities between DV and 3NF
Business Intelligence Star Schema and DV Differences
C  Summit 2013  Real World, Real Time Data Modeling
C  Summit 2013  The World's Next Top Data Model
C ollege Credit  Data Modeling for Apache Cassandra
Canonical Data Model   Part 1
Canonical Modeling   Best Practice Message Modeling for Data Integration
Ch 10   ETL Process
Choosing Your Strategic Objectives
Chris Geihsler   Data Warehouses
CISS143   Database Design   9 30 2011
Cloud BI with Steve Dine, Datasource Consulting LLC
Cognos Tutorial   1 Cognos Overview
Common Mistakes in Oracle PL SQL Programming
Common Strategic Planning Pitfalls
Computer Questions & Answers   What Is a Data Warehouse 
Conceptual Data Modeling Explained
Conceptual Data Modeling with Entity Relationship Diagrams
Conceptual of modelling p3
Connecting MS ACCESS to ORACLE database
Containers  The For Loop and Sequence Containers, Part 1
Creating a Data Warehouse  Build a Better Business with Better Data
Creating a User in QuerySurge
Creating Basic Package with SSIS
Creating JDeveloper Database Connections
Crystal Reports Training   Reporting and Crystal Xcelsius
Dashboard Builder Professional Edition
Data and text mining  the search for unknown knowns
Data Integration vs. ETL
Data Masking   Change Manager 5.1
Data Masking   Change Manager 5.1
Data Mining  The Tool of The Information Age
Data Mining 1 26 2011
Data Mining 2 16 2011
Data Mining 2 2 2011
Data Mining 2 9 2011
Data Mining 3 2 2011
Data Mining 3 30 2011
Data Mining 4 13 2011 Part 1
Data Mining 4 13 2011
Data Mining 4 27 2011
Data Mining Introduction of Credit Risk Data   Session 3
Data Mining Process using CRISP   Session 2
Data Mining with Big Data
Data Mining with STATISTICA   Session 1
Data Mining, Comparing Model Performance   Session 21
Data Mining, Data Cleaning & Outliers   Session 6
Data Mining, Data Cleaning and Missing Data   Session 7
Data Mining, Data Import and Query   Session 4
Data Mining, Data Sampling   Case Selection   Session 12
Data Mining, Data Sampling   Session 10
Data Mining, Graphical Exploration   Session 9
Data Mining, Initial Graphical Review   Session 5
Data Mining, Introduction of Beverage Manufacturing Data   Session 23
Data Mining, Other Data Cleaning Techniques   Session 8
Data Mining, Variable redundancy   Session 15
Data Mining, Variable Screening   Session 13
Data Mining, Voted Predictions   Session 22
Data Modeling   SQL LESSON 30
Data modeling   Wiki Article
Data Modeling    Getting Started
Data Modeling for the Database Developer, Designer & Admin.
data modeling part 1
data modeling part 2
Data Modeling Practice Activity   Part 1
Data Modeling With the UML
Data Moving Tool  A quick Introduction
Data Quality Components for SSIS Overivew
Data Vault Methodology   DW Architecture
Data Warehouse Design for Sustainable Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse FAQ  How to Schedule and Email a Report
Data Warehouse FAQ   Getting Started with the Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse FAQ   Medicaid Match Reports
Data Warehouse FAQ   PAWS Confirmation Reports
Data Warehouse FAQ   PAWS Standard Report Books
Data Warehouse FAQ   Using Dates Correctly in IDS, IMS, and Medicaid Match
Data Warehouse FAQ Session   Medicaid Numbers and Anomaly Reports
Data Warehouse FAQ Session  TDD Summary Report and Excel Pivot Table
Data Warehouse FAQ  Grouping & Pivoting, Security Affidavits
Data warehouse Fundamentals
Data Warehouse Layered Architecture 1
Data WareHouse Overview
Data Warehouse Training   Best Practices to Deliver BI Solutions
Data Warehouse tutorial. Creating an ETL
Data Warehouse VIP Tour
Data Warehouse Webcast 1 Rapid Data Warehouse Development   Build a Pilot in 8 weeks
Data Warehouse Webcast 2 Designing Fast Data Warehouse Schemas
Data Warehouse Webcast 3 Successfully Transform and Load your Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Webcast 4 Key to Enterprise Data Warehouse Development
Data Warehouse
Data Warehousing   01 The Four Stages
Data Warehousing   02 Choosing a DBMS
Data Warehousing   An Overview
Data Warehousing An Introduction
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Data Warehousing Best Practices Star Schemas
Data Warehousing DEMO
Data Warehousing Dimensional And Fact Table
Data Warehousing for Business Insight
Data Warehousing Part 1
Data Warehousing Today by Data Vault Academy
Data Warehousing Workshop 1 part1
Data Warehousing Workshop 1 part2
Data Warehousing Workshop 2 part1
Data Warehousing Workshop 2 part2
Data Warehousing Workshop 2 part3
Data Warehousing Workshop 3 part1
Data Warehousing Workshop 3 part2
Data warehousing
Data Wharehouse 14 MDM Data Quality Services
Data, Database, Data Warehouse and ETL tools
Database Basics  3
Database Basics 2
Database Basics 4
Database Change Tracking for Oracle
Database Design 1   Introduction
Database Normalization   Explained with Examples
Database Normalization 1st Normal Form Part  1 1NF
Database Normalization 1st Normal Form Part  2 1NF
Datamartist Introductory Tutorial
Datastage Tutorials for Beginners
Datawarehouse Concepts   Part 1
Datawarehouse Concepts   Part 1
Datawarehouse DW BI Introduction
Datawarehouse OBIEE Concepts
Datawarehouse OBIEE Demystifying
Datawarehouse OBIEE Introduction
Datawarehouse. UPC   2011
Day1 Build A Datawarehouse Session2
Day1 Build A Datawarehouse Session3
Day1 Build A Datawarehouse Session4
Day1 Build A Datawarehouse Session5
Day1 How To Build A EDW Session1
Day1 IsThis A DataWarehouse
Day2 Build A Datawarehouse Session3
Day2 Build A Datawarehouse Session1
Day2 Build A Datawarehouse Session2
Day2 Retail SAles Case Study Session1
Day2 Retail Sales Case Study Session3
Day3 DWH Lifecycle Session1
Day3 DWH LifeCycle Session2
Day4 BODS ETL Design Session1
Day4 BODS ETL Design Session3
Day4 DataServices Developer Session2
DB Modelling  OLAP Database Design Part 1
DB Modelling  OLTP Database Design
Decision Support Systems
Decision Trees
Defining a FACT Table
Defining a Slowly Changing Dimension
Definition of Data Warehousing
Demystifying the Data Warehouse
deriving the dimensional model
Design Facts, Dimensions and Transformation Load Processes   DW Architect
Designing a Scalable Data Warehouse   Business Intelligence DW BI System (Level 200)
Difference between DW and ODS
Dimensional Models and Big Data Challenges with Chris Adamson, data warehouse specialist
DIMENSIONS EXPLAINED!   Powerpoint Animation
Dirty Data  Why You Should Care
DLPC Tutorial   SCD Type 1
Do I need a data warehouse 
Do I need an 'Extract Transform' and Load (ETL) tool 
DW en Orcle Warehouse Builder Parte # 1
DW en Orcle Warehouse Builder parte # 2
DW1  What is data warehouse
Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners
Ejemplo Analysis Services
Elegance  A New Approach to Enterprise Modeling
ElegantJ BI   Business Intelligence Overview
Entity Relationship Diagrams
Entity Relationship Modeling
ETL 2.0  Redefining Data Integration
ETL Demo
ETL Essential Fundamentals
ETL Part I 0001
ETL Part I 0002
ETL Part I 0003
ETL Part I
ETL Process (Data warehouse) SQL & BIDS part 1 3
ETL Process (Data warehouse) SQL & BIDS part 2 3
ETL Process (Data warehouse) SQL & BIDS part 3 3
ETL Testing  How to Achieve 100% Data Validation
ETL Testing Data Ware House   Data Mart
ETL Testing for Data Warehouse  Part 1
ETL Testing for Data Warehouse Part 2
ETL Testing Layers   ETL Testing Overview   ETL Testing Interview Question
ETL Testing Overview   OLTP   Data Ware   ETL Testing Online Tutorial
Exadata for the Data Warehouse
Excel Dashboard Example   How to Create Powerful Dashboard Reports in Excel
Excel Dashboards with PowerPivot Tutorial
Executive Dashboard with SSRS
Exploring a Sample Dimensional Data Model
Express Tour of SQL   PART 2   SQL LESSON 3
Extract Transform Load
Fast Track Data Warehouse Version 3 0 New Features and Best Practices
Fast Tracking Data Warehousing   BI Projects via Intelligent Data Modeling Preview
Flat File Databases
Free SQL Training   Designing a Data Warehouse
Free Sql Training   Intro to ETL using SSIS   Pragmatic Work
Getting Started   Data Management Part 1
Getting Started   Data Management Part 2
Getting Started   Graphing
Getting Started   Navigating Analysis Dialogs
Getting started on Data profiling
Goal Setting   Great Story   Frank Furness Social Media Speaker
Google Analytics for Business Intelligence
GOTO GeekNight Pramod Sadalage NoSQL Distilled
Guest Lecture on Data Warehouse and Data Mining
History of Business Intelligence
HOA Profit Gurus   Key Performance Indicators
How do I get better user adoption 
How Does Business Intelligence Help the Sales Process 
How does Business Intelligence present the information 
How is a datawarehouse used to make decisions
How is business intelligence evolving 
How It Works  Analytics
How OLAP (multidimensional analysis) works
How should I approach the definition of my KPI's 
How should I choose a business intelligence tool 
How SQL Query Process
How to build a simple SSIS package (part 3 of 3)
How to build a simple SSIS package. Part 1 of 3.
How to build a simple SSIS package. Part 2 of 3.
How to Create a Data Flow Diagam with Astah
How to Create a Table in a Database  
How to Create a Use Case Diagam with Astah
How to Create an ER Diagam with Astah
How to Develop Action Plans for Your Business Goals
How to Develop Competitive Advantage
How to Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
How to Do a SWOT Analysis
How to Download Multiple Files with the FTP Task (Part 2)
How to master data modeling in a MDM system
How to Perform Customer Segmentation
How To Set Goals
How to Write a Values Statement
How to Write a Vision Statement that Inspires
IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics for ISVs
IBM Virtualization overview
In Database MapReduce Example  Sessionize
INF 1  Why do we need Data Ware House
INF 26 Lookup Transformation Part 4
INF 3  What is Star Schema
INF 4  What is Snowflake Schema
Information and Data Lifecycles
Install OS 5.0rev2164 on Groove X6 K10N78
Integrating Process Model Data into Data Model Designs
Integration Services  Match Files BD  ETL process Seminario 2 PARTE 1
Integration Services  Match Files BD  ETL process Seminario 2 PARTE 2
Integration Services tutorial. Foreach Loop Container. Load multiple files
Interactive Map Dashboard in Excel
Interactive Sales Chart in Excel & How it works
Introducción a Oracle BI 11g
Introducing Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeller
Introduction to Advanced Database Design
Introduction to Advanced SQL
Introduction to Amazon Redshift
Introduction to Backup and Recovery
Introduction to Business Intelligence 3 factors to make you happy in BI
Introduction to Concurrency Control
Introduction to Data Mining (1 3)
Introduction to Data Mining (2 3)
Introduction to Data Mining (3 3)
Introduction to Data Mining
Introduction to Data Modeling
Introduction to Data Normalization
Introduction to Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Introduction to Declarative Constraints and Database Triggers
Introduction to Distributed Database Systems
Introduction to Entity Relational Modelling
Introduction to Indexes
Introduction to Physical Storage
Introduction to R for Data Mining
Introduction to SQL   SQL LESSON 1
Introduction to SQL Databases
Introduction to the Database Security
Introduction to the Internet Architecture
Introduction to the Rational Performance Tester Workbench Interface
Introduction to the Relational Model
Introduction to Web Services
Introduction to Web Database Connectivity
Introduction to Writing Excel Macros (VBA)
Is this A Data Warehouse 
IT Performs 
Keynote  The End of the Beginning  Looking Beyond Today's BI
Kimball Method SCD for SSIS v1.4  Part One
Kimball Method SCD for SSIS v1.5  Overview
Korn Shell Tutorial 1   print statements and comment (Little
KPI Dashboard in Excel   Tutorial & Demo
Learn Install Cluster Software from the Oracle RAC
Lecture   11 Data Modelling   ER Diagrams, Mapping
Lecture   11 Indexing Techniques Single Level
Lecture   12 Data Modelling   ER Diagrams, Mapping
Lecture   14 Query Processing and Optimization
Lecture   16 Query Processing and Optimization   III
Lecture   21 Concurrency Control Part   2
Lecture   29 Recovery Mechanisms III
Lecture   30 Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP
Lecture   30 Introduction to Data Warehousing and OLAP
Lecture   31 Introduction to Data Warehousing nad OLAP
Lecture   31 Introduction to Data Warehousing nad OLAP
Lecture   33 Case Study ORACLE and Microsoft Access
Lecture   34 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Lecture   35 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Part II
Lecture   4 Relational Model
Lecture   8 Functional Dependencies and Normal Form
Lecture   9 ER Model to Relational Model Maping
Lecture  1 Introduction to Database Management System
Lecture  2 Conceptual Designs
Lecture  24 Distributed Transaction Models
Lecture  38 XML   Introductory Concepts
Lecture  39 XML Advanced Concepts
Lecture  40 XML Databases
Lesson 2  Administering ODI Repositories And Agents
LINQ Tutorial 
Logic Data Modeling   Entity Relationship Diagrams   Part 1 of 5
Logic Data Modeling   Entity Relationship Diagrams   Part 2 of 5
Logic Data Modeling   Entity Relationship Diagrams   Part 3 of 5
Logic Data Modeling   Entity Relationship Diagrams   Part 4 of 5
Logic Data Modeling   Entity Relationship Diagrams   Part 5 of 5
Logic Data Modeling 1   Introduction
Logic Data Modeling 2   Candidate Key
Logic Data Modeling 3   Normalization
Logic Data Modeling 4   Normalization Example
Logic Data Modeling 5   1st Normal Form
Logic Data Modeling 6   2nd Normal Form
Logic Data Modeling 7   3rd Normal Form
Logic Data Modeling 8   Entity Relationship Diagram, part 1
Logic Data Modeling 9   Entity Relationship Diagram, part 2
Lookup Transformation In Depth SSIS 2008r2, 2012 (Full ,Partial, No cache) modes
LPA   Introducing IBM Cognos 10.2 Dynamic Cubes
Mark LaRow   Senior Vice President talking about High Performance BI
Master Data Management
MDX Provider Oracle OLAP to Excel Demo
MDX tutorial, introduction to Multidimensional Expressions
Merge Join transformation in SSIS (Part 1 of 3).
Microsoft Dynamics GP   Admiral Consulting Group   Case Study  3
Migrate a 1TB Datawarehouse in 20 Minutes (Part 1)
misy 4390 star schema,dimensional modeling, assignment 3
misy 5360 dimensional modeling and star schema
Mod 05 Lec 01 Introduction to Model Checking
Monte carlo simulation  Brownian motion
MS Analysis Services 2008 Part I
MSBI Training Part 1
Multi Dimensional Database Session#1
Multi Dimensional Database Session#2
MUPPITS data warehouse demonstration 
New Features in QuerySurge 2013
Normalisation Demonstration
Not gaining benefit from your Business Intelligence implementation 
O'Reilly Webcast  Why the Ebook Subscription Model Might Be Right for Your Content
ODI Demo Class
OLAP Cartoons, Business Intelligence, Dimensions, Measures, OLAP
OLAP Statistics and Reporting for Microsoft Access Database    Demonstration
OLTP vs. OLAP (1 2)
OLTP vs. OLAP (2 2)
Online Oracle Tutorial   Learn How To Use Oracle JDeveloper To Create Database Connections
Open source BI software for small and mid sized businesses with Lyndsay Wise, Wise Analytics
OpenClinica Data Mart
Oracle 11g SQL Tutorial & Exam 1Z0 051   Lesson 1 SELECT Statement
Oracle and linux exam dumps
Oracle Architecture in less than 10 minutes
Oracle BI Publisher   Interactive Viewer
Oracle BI Publisher Introduction
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Security
Oracle Data Dictionary
Oracle Data Guard
Oracle Data Integrator Data Warehouse Project
Oracle data mining tutorial, data mining techniques  classification
Oracle Database 11g Data Guard Administration DE
Oracle Database 11g New Features
Oracle Database 11g SQL Tuning Workshop
Oracle database Instance Architecture
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
Oracle Exadata  World's Fastest Database Machine
Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
Oracle Financial E Business R12
Oracle SQL Tuning   Data Warehouse Star Transformations, Even with Standard Edition
Oracle SQL Tutorial and s   oracle 10g $ 11g   Part 05
Oracle tutorial PL SQL Basics
Overview of Oracle BI Apps [Examining Oracle BI Applications 11g  The Series]
Painless Performance Indicators  Using a visual approach
Parallel Data Warehouse Architecture Considerations and Benefits   Scalability Experts
Parallel Processing ETL   Part 1
Parallel Processing ETL   Part 2
Parallel Processing ETL   Part 3
Part 1  BI users suffering from  metrics confusion  
Part 2  BI users suffering from  metrics confusion  
Part 3  BI users suffering from  metrics confusion  
Part 4  BI users suffering from  metrics confusion  
Part2   Create Tables, Add Data
Part3   Build Queries
Pentaho Report Designer v3.5   1  Creating a Report
Pentaho's use of Google Technologies Screencast
People, Data and Dollars A Preview of Strata NYC, Part 5  Bill Schmarzo
Performance Testing for Mobile Applications   RTTS
PL SQL Best Practices with Steven Feuerstein
PL SQL Oracle tutorial, Oracle introduction, PL SQL basics
Positive Intelligence  How to maximize potential and performance
PowerCenter   Web Service Consumer Transformation
PowerPivot Temperature Mashup Pt 1
Pragmatic Works   Intro to Dimensional Modeling
Predictive Analytics for Salesforce by In2Clouds
Predictive Analytics using Regression
Preparing Your Data Warehouse Environment for Big Data
Programming with Databases   The Background
PT 1  OBIA 11g Overview [Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!)]
PT 2  OBIA Architecture [Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!)]
PT 3  OBIA Components [Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!)]
QA Lecture  Database Quality Assurance For Beginners Part 1
QA Lecture 2  A Strategy For Writing ETL Test Scripts For Beginners
QA Lecture 3  Advanced ETL Scripts, Identifying Bug Sources & SQL Profiler
QlikView Data Used For Simple Excel Sales Report
QTPeLearn Pt1 Testing QTP Tutorial Training QTP s Interview QTP Certification Scripts QTP Jobs
QuerySurge  7 Minute Demo of ETL Testing tool
QuerySurge   Data Warehouse Testing Tool from RTTS
QuerySurge 2013   Testing Wizards
Reference Architecture for Big Data and the Data Warehouse   Part 1
Reference Architecture for Big Data and the Data Warehouse   Part 2
Reporting Services 2008
Retiring Inactive Data
P1 5 Free Hands On Training On Building A Star Schema
P2 5 Free Hands On Training On Building A Star Schema
P3 5 Free Hands On Training On Building A Star Schema
P4 5 Free Hands On Training On Building A Star Schema
P5 5 Free Hands On Training On Building A Star Schema
Robots Discuss Data Warehouse Testing
Rows Oriented Database versus Column Oriented Databases
Rows Versus Columns  Which One Is Best For You  A Comparative Analysis
salesforce  Data Warehouse
SAS GRAPH Tip  Inserting Accessibility Information
Schematic Model Viewing ISO15926 data and loading
SCSM Data Warehouse & Reporting
Serv U & FTP Voyager do ETL (1 2   a File Transfer Integration Spotlight)
Short Tutorial   Data warehousing Overview
Slowly Changing Dimensions   OLAP vs. OLTP   Data Architecture Tutorial
SMART Goal Setting
Software Development Life Cycles  Waterfall Model, V Model
Software Testing Job Market Research    Career Training @ Portnov School   3
Spreadsheet OLAP with Excel and Palo   Part 1
Spreadsheet OLAP with Excel and Palo   Part 2
SQL 2005 Reporting Services drilldown
SQL 2005 Reporting Services Labelling
SQL 2008 Series Geography And Geometry Datatype
SQL Basics  Table creation and inserting data
SQL Normalization   The Basics   1st, 2nd, 3rd Normal Form Software Engineering Tutorial
SQL OLAP With a Gun to Your Head   OLAP vs OLTP for Read Query Performance
SQL Tutorial for beginners 1 4; SQL Basic Introduction lesson for Software QA Testers
SQL vs Oracle
SSAS  Defining and Deploying a Cube
SSAS  Forecast  Tutorial (Data Mining Table Analysis Tool)
SSAS  Scenario Analysis   What If  Tutorial (Data Mining Add in For Excel)
SSAS and MDX Training Part 1
SSIS   Package Configurations
SSIS   Variables Introduction
SSIS 2008 Series  SSIS Package Deployment part1 2
SSIS Training Session Part 1
Starring Sakila  Data Warehousing Explained, Illustrated, and Subtitled
Starting a Data Warehouse
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 1
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 10
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 11
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 12
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 13
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 2
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 3
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 4
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 5
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 6
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 7
Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 9
Steps to create a standby database in Oracle 11g
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
Successful and Cost Effective Data Warehouse... The MySQL Way
Sybase ASE In Memory Database   Computing Architecture & Computing Challenges
Table Relationships
Talend  Tutorial  Open Source Data Integration Suite Demonstration
Task 1   ETL Process
Task Factory Upsert Destination #12   Pragmatic Works
TDWI 2012 Boston World Conference Thursday Keynote Presentation
TDWI San Diego Conference 2009   Tony Politano Keynote (part 1)
TDWI San Diego Conference 2009   Tony Politano Keynote (part 2)
TDWI San Diego Conference 2009   Tony Politano Keynote (part 3)
TDWI San Diego Conference 2009   Tony Politano Keynote (part 4)
Techie Talks About Data Warehouse Testing
Test Planning and Test Documentation   3 7
Testing the Data Warehouse, ETL Process, and Business Intelligence
Text Mining for Beginners
The Benefit of OLTP and OLAP in One System
The Big Data Ecosystem At LinkedIn
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