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Hadoop File Name
Big Data Online Training  Steps to Hadoop installation   Hadoop Tutorial
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 1   Overview
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 2   Deploy AWS EC2 Instance
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 3   Install Cloudera CDH4
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 4   Register Twitter App
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 5   Configure Flume
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 6   MySQL and Hive Install
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 7   Configure Oozie Workflow
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 8  Configure Real time Access
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 9   ODBC Connectivity to Hive and Basic HQL
Big Data, Hadoop, and Social Media In Action  Part 10   Streaming Facebook & Sentiment Analysis
Discover HDP 2.1  Apache Hadoop 2.4.0, YARN & HDFS
Discover HDP 2.1  Apache Solr for Hadoop Search
Discover HDP 2.1  Interactive SQL Query in Hadoop with Apache Hive
Discover HDP 2.1  Using Apache Ambari to Manage Hadoop Clusters
Discover HDP 2.2  Comprehensive Hadoop Security with Apache Ranger and Apache Knox
Discover HDP 2.2  Even Faster SQL Queries with Apache Hive and Stinger.next
Discover HDP2.1  Apache Storm for Stream Data Processing
Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 1 of 5
Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 2 of 5
Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 3 of 5
Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 4 of 5
Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals 5 of 5
DefCon 17 HackedExistence Hadoop Speech Part 1 4
DefCon 17 HackedExistence Hadoop Speech part 2 4
DefCon 17 HackedExistence Hadoop Speech part 3 4
DefCon 17 HackedExistence Hadoop Speech part 4 4
02. Hadoop Technology Stack
07. Troubleshooting, Administering and Optimizing Hadoop
10Gbe Apache Hadoop  Demo   what is it   and what is it for 
A New Generation of Data Transfer Tools for Hadoop Sqoop 2
Accelerating Hadoop with In Memory Computing
Acceleration for Big Data, Hadoop, and Memcached
Aha   Hadoop   Not just for counting words
An Introduction to Apache Hadoop Yarn
An Introduction to Hadoop
Analyzing Big Data with Twitter   Lecture 3   Bill Graham  Intro to Hadoop; Hadoop at Twitter
Anant Jhingran Hadoop Summit 2011 IBM Watson & Big Data
Apache Hadoop   MapReduce (MR2) and YARN
Apache Hadoop   Petabytes and Terawatts
Apache Hadoop Fundamentals
Apache Hadoop HDFS
Apache Hadoop Now, Next and Beyond
Apache Pig Overview for Hadoop
Apache Pig Project for Hadoop
Apache Tez  Accelerating Hadoop Query Processing
Arun Murthy Hadoop Summit 2011 Next Generation Apache Hadoop MapReduce
Basic Introduction to Apache Hadoop
Benefits of Apache Hadoop YARN
Big Data   The Hadoop Data Warehouse   Part 1
Big Data   The Hadoop Data Warehouse   Part 2
Big Data and Hadoop 1   Hadoop Tutorial 1  Big Data Tutorial 1  Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners  1
Big Data and Hadoop a perspective from IBM research
Big Data Architectures   Beyond Hadoop  Impetus Webinar
Big Data Episode 2  Hadoop
Big Ideas  Demystifying Hadoop
Bringing Hadoop to the Enterprise  IBM BigInsights Quick Start Edition
Brisk  Truly Peer to Peer Hadoop
Cloud friendly Hadoop and Hive
Cloudera & Hadoop Use Cases   Omer Trajman and Rob Lancaster
Code Walkthrough   Large data set processing with Hadoop & Map Reduce
Combiner in Hadoop
Configring input & output directories in hadoop MapReduce
Copying data from Oracle to Hadoop using Informatica
Creating and Using Snapshots for Protecting Data in a Hadoop Cluster
Creating Hadoop 2 Node Cluster
Data Lake for the Cloud  Extending your Hadoop Implementation
DEFCON 17  Hadoop  Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's MapReduce Framework
Delivering Apache Hadoop for the Modern Data Architecture with Cisco and Hortonworks
Demo for Hadoop User Environment (HUE) and Beeswax
Difference between Internal and External Table in Hadoop
Discover Red Hat and Apache Hadoop for the Modern Data Architecture   Part 2
Don't be Hadooped When Looking for Big Data ROI
Eclipse Setup for Hadoop
Effective Hadoop™ Cluster Management  Impetus Webinar
Eric Baldeschwieler Keynote at Hadoop Summit 2012
ETL on Hadoop  Using Pig for log file Analysis on HDInsight Azure
Evolution of Business Intelligence
Flexible In Situ Indexing for Hadoop
Free Hadoop online Training Tutorials with Interview Questions & Cloudera Certification
Geoffrey Moore Keynote Hadoop Summit
Getting started with Spring Data and Apache Hadoop
GTAC 2011  Automating Hadoop Stack Deployment and Testing
Hadoop   Past, Present and Future
Hadoop  Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's Map Reduce Framework 1 4   Defcon 17
Hadoop  Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's Map Reduce Framework 3 4   Defcon 17
Hadoop  Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's Map Reduce Framework 4 4   Defcon 17
Hadoop + Solr HUG August 2011.m4v
hadoop   Bing s
Hadoop   Just the Basics for Big Data Rookies
Hadoop   The Data Scientist's Dream
Hadoop 2.0  YARN to Further Optimize Data Processing
Hadoop and Big Data 1 6 Challenging Old Assumptions
Hadoop and Big Data 2 6 Processing Petabytes
Hadoop and Big Data 3 6 Technical Overview
Hadoop and Big Data 4 6 One Data System with Many Users
Hadoop and Big Data 5 6 Ferrari vs Freight Train
Hadoop and Big Data 6 6 Augmenting Existing Systems
Hadoop and Big Data at Merck
Hadoop and Facebook Findings   Hacked Existence   Defcon 17
Hadoop and HBase @eBay
Hadoop and the Data Warehouse  When to Use Which
Hadoop Architecture (2)
Hadoop Architecture and its usage at Facebook   Microsoft Research
Hadoop Architecture
Hadoop Based Data Mining Platform for the Telecom Industry   Feng Cao
HADOOP BIG DATA Training   Live Demo (Trainer Niranjan)
HADOOP BIG DATA Training   Live Demo (Trainer Venkat)
Hadoop cluster configuration 2
Hadoop cluster maintenance
Hadoop Cluster Monitoring
Hadoop demo    Hadoop online training
Hadoop demo class    Hadoop online training
Hadoop Demo [Networked Laptops]
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Introduction
Hadoop distributed file system commands
Hadoop for OpenStack Log Analysis
Hadoop HDFS in Detail
Hadoop Hive    Hive Training    Intro to Hive and Architecture    learn Hadoop
Hadoop installation and setup
Hadoop Interview Questions
Hadoop Map Reduce Wordcount example
Hadoop MapReduce Example   How good are a city's farmer's markets 
Hadoop MapReduce Example How good are a city's farmer's markets
Hadoop MapReduce explained in detail
Hadoop MapReduce Tutorial   Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners 2   Big Data tutorial 2  Big Data  Hadoop
Hadoop Meetup  Case Study   Building the AppNexus Pipeline Feb. 28, 2012
Hadoop Meetup (HUG) August 2013  Hue  the UI for Apache Hadoop
Hadoop Meetup (HUG) August 2013  Removing the NameNode's memory limitation   Part I
Hadoop on Azure   Introduction for Developers
Hadoop on Google Compute Engine for Processing Big Data
Hadoop online training    100% guaranteed hadoop training
Hadoop online training    Free demos Available for Hadoop training
HADOOP Online Training   Overview DEMO   HD   Newyorksys
Hadoop Online Training, Tutorials, s, Introduction
Hadoop online training
Hadoop Part 1 of 6
Hadoop Part 2 of 6
Hadoop Part 3 of 6
Hadoop Part 4 of 6
Hadoop Part 5 of 6
Hadoop Part 6 of 6
Hadoop Single Node Cluster Setup On Ubuntu
hadoop sqoop hive Training In Chennai
Hadoop Training   Hadoop Counters and Distributed Cache
Hadoop Training   Understanding MapFiles (4)
Hadoop Training   What is Hadoop SequenceFile  (5)
Hadoop Training   What is InputSampler in Hadoop MapReduce  (3)
HADOOP Training   Live Demo (Trainer Niranjan)
HADOOP Training   Live Session 1 (Trainer Niranjan)
HADOOP Training   Live Session 2 (Trainer Niranjan)
Hadoop Training 1   Introduction to BigData, Hadoop, HDFS, MAPReduce
Hadoop Training 2   Deep Dive In HDFS (What is Hadoop  )   What is HDFS     What is Hive  
Hadoop Training in Hyderabad   Hadoop Training in Ameerpet   Hadoop Training in Madhapur
Hadoop Tutorial  Analyzing Geolocation Data
Hadoop Tutorial  Analyzing Sensor Data
Hadoop Tutorial  Analyzing Sentiment Data
Hadoop Tutorial  Analyzing Server Logs
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache HCatalog
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache Hive
Hadoop Tutorial  Apache Pig
Hadoop Tutorial  Bundle Oozie coordinators with Hue
Hadoop Tutorial  Core Apache Hadoop
Hadoop Tutorial  Intro to HDFS (2)
Hadoop Tutorial  Intro to HDFS
Hadoop Tutorial  Introducing Apache Hadoop
Hadoop Tutorial  Introduction to Hortonworks Sandbox
Hadoop Tutorial   Setting up single node cluster   Hadoop Administration
Hadoop Tutorial 1   What is Hadoop
Hadoop Tutorial 10   Starting Hadoop Instance and Testing the Connection
Hadoop Tutorial 11   Limitations of Network File System
Hadoop Tutorial 12   Adressing Limitations of Distributed File System
Hadoop Tutorial 13   Limitations of Hadoop File System
Hadoop Tutorial 14   Block Structured File System
Hadoop Tutorial 15   Replication in Hadoop File System
Hadoop Tutorial 2   Challenges Created by Big Data
Hadoop Tutorial 3   History Behind Creation of Hadoop (Google, Yahoo, and Apache)
Hadoop Tutorial 4   Overview of Hadoop Projects
Hadoop Tutorial 5   Steps to Install Hadoop on a Personal Computer (Windows OS X)
Hadoop Tutorial 6   Downloading and Installing Oracle VirtualBox
Hadoop Tutorial 7   Downloading Hadoop Appliance for Oracle VirtualBox
Hadoop Tutorial 8   Importing Hadoop Appliance into Oracle VirtualBox
Hadoop Tutorial 9   Configuring Hadoop Virtual Machine
Hadoop Tutorial Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners Big Data Tutorial Hadoop Training Big Data Training
Hadoop Tutorial HDFS, HIVE, PIG Online Training
Hadoop v2 YARN Training in Chennai
Hadoop vs MongoDB
Hadoop VS SQL
Hadoop's Commodity Hardware Based Approach
Hadoop WHAT  How to find that needle of information in your own Big Data haystacks (HD)
Hadoop Basics Unit1 Solutions v2
Hadoop on Azure   running a MapReduce job in JavaScript w...
Hadoop on Azure   Setting up a 32 node cluster
Hadoop on Azure   Using the Mahout Clustering sample
Hadoop on Azure Getting Started with Interactive Javascript
Hadoop on Azure Pig Latin Query 
Harnessing the Power of Apache Hadoop Series  How to Manage Your Apache Hadoop Lifecycle
HBase and Pig  The Hadoop ecosystem at Twitter
HDFS Architecture
HDP Advanced Security  Comprehensive Security for Enterprise Hadoop
Henry Robinson Hadoop Summit 2011 Tying the threads together
High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop
Hortonworks  Why the Open Cloud Benefits Apache Hadoop
Hortonworks CEO, Rob Bearden accepts the ALS Challenge
Hortonworks vision for Apache Hadoop
How AOL Accelerates Ad Targeting Decisions with Hadoop and Membase Server
How Apache Hadoop YARN Works 
How Hadoop Works
How salesforce.com Uses Hadoop
How SGI Deploys Hadoop Clusters
How to build Big Data Pipelines for Hadoop using OSS
How to Debugging WordCount Job In Hadoop
How to display Database from RDBMS mysql for Sqoop (Hadoop)
How to display Tables from RDBMS MySQL from Sqoop (Hadoop)
How to export data from HDFS to RDBMS mysql (Hadoop)
How to Import all tables from a specific database from RDBMS Mysql to HDFS (Hadoop)
How to Import Tables from RDBMS MySQL from HDFS (Hadoop)
how to install a single node hadoop cluster
How to Install Hadoop on Amazon EC2
How to load data into hive table in Hadoop
How to use eclipse to build hadoop plugin
How UC Irvine Medical Use Hadoop to Improve Care
HP AppSystems for Hadoop
HUG Meetup August 2012  What's stacking  an advanced Hadoop deployment with BigTop
HUG Meetup January 2012  RHadoop, Hadoop for R
HUG Meetup May 2012  Oozie  Towards a Scalable Workflow Scheduling System for Hadoop (Part 1)
HUG Meetup May 2012  Oozie  Towards a Scalable Workflow Scheduling System for Hadoop (Part 2)
IBM Big Data Symposium   Yahoo Hadoop
iMStor Hadoop Storage based Tiering Platform
In Database Hadoop  When MapReduce Meets the RDBMS
In memory data and compute on top of Hadoop
Informatica Hadoop Hive Pushdown 9.5.1
Inside Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop v3
Install Hadoop (CDH4) on 5 nodes with VMWare, CDH4, Cloudera Manager 4
Intellipaat Hadoop training feedback from Sony Corporation
Interview with IBM about Hadoop at the TDWI San Diego 2013 World Conference
Intro to Hadoop MapReduce with C#
Introducing Apache Hadoop  The Modern Data Operating System
Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Spring Data Hadoop
Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop, Hadoop Components and Microsoft HDInsight
Introduction to Hadoop
Introduction to Scoop and Architecture    Scoop Example    Hadoop Training
Introduction to the Hadoop on Azure Interactive JavaScript Console
Introduction to the Hadoop Services on Azure Interactive Hive Console (widescreen )
Jay Rossiter Hadoop Summit 2011 Keynote
John Schroeder Hadoop Summit 2011 MapR Talk
Karthik Ranganathan Hadoop Summit 2011 Facebook Messages Infrastructure with Q&A
Karthik Ranganathan Hadoop Summit 2011 Facebook Messages Infrastructure
L01V01 HadoopWelcome Part1
L01V02 HadoopWelcome Part2
L02V01 hadooparchitecturepart1
L02V02 hadooparchitecturepart2
Liyin Tang Hadoop Summit 2011 Join Strategies in Hive
Low Latency  OLAP  with Hadoop and HBase
M3R  Increased Performance for In Memory Hadoop Jobs
Making Hadoop Ready for the Enterprise
Map Reduce    What is Map Reduce      Map Reduce Tutorial    Hadoop  d
MapR Heatmap  provides visual insight into the health of the entire Hadoop cluster
MapR's Direct Access NFS  radically change how easily you can get data in and out of Hadoop
MapR's snapshots  the best data protection available for Hadoop
MapReduce for the Masses  Zero to Hadoop in Five Minutes with CommonCrawl
Matei Zaharia Hadoop Summit 2011 Spark  In Memory Cluster Computing
Meet the committer  Apache Hadoop YARN with Arun Murthy
MicroStrategy on Hadoop using Cloudera Impala Demo
Mohammad Islam Hadoop Summit 2011 Oozie  Scheduling Workflows on the Grid
Network Reference Architecture for Hadoop  Validated and Tested Approach
Next Generation Hadoop MapReduce by Arun C. Murthy
O'Reilly Webcast  An Introduction to Hadoop
O'Reilly Webcast  Hadoop   Tips, Tricks, Optimizations, and Pitfalls
O'Reilly Webcast  The State of Hadoop
PappuPass Hadoop Exam Simulator Activation
Part 4  Oracle Big Data and Hadoop to Process Log Files
Partitioner in Hadoop
Past, Present and Future of Data Processing in Apache Hadoop
Performing Administrative Tasks in Hadoop on Azure
Philip Shelley Keynote Hadoop Summit
Planning your Hadoop NoSQL Projects for 2011  Impetus Webinar
Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning with SAS and Apache Hadoop
Querying and scripting in Hadoop
R and Hadoop   Big Data Analytics
Real time Streaming Analysis for Hadoop and Flume
Reference Architecture for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Rethinking the Data Warehouse with Hadoop and Hive   Ashish Thusoo
RHadoop  R meets Hadoop
Sanjay Radia Hadoop Summit 2011 Crossing the Chasm
Savanna Project  Elastic Hadoop on OpenStack
Scott Burke Keynote Hadoop Summit 2012
Scott Gnau Keynote at Hadoop Summit 2012
Securing the Hadoop Data Lake on HDP 2.1   Part1  Authentication
Securing the Hadoop Data Lake with HDP 2.1   Part2  Authorization and Audit
Securing the Hadoop Data Lake with HDP 2.1   Part3  Perimeter Security
SGI Hadoop Clusters  Overview
Shaun Connolly Keynote at Hadoop Summit 2012
Simba Technologies Hadoop Hive ODBC 3.52 Connector Overview
Sqoop in Hadoop
Storm  the Hadoop of Realtime Stream Processing
Strata 2013  John Schroeder,  Hadoop  Big Results 
Summingbird  A Streaming Map Reduce API for Storm, Hadoop, & More
Suresh Srinivas Hadoop Summit 2011 HDFS Federation and Other Features
Tackling Big Data with Hadoop and Open Source Integration
The Formula for Hadoop Project Success
The Value of the Modern Data Architecture with Apache Hadoop and Teradata
The Wikibon Project  Big Data and Hadoop by Jeffrey Kelly
Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Hadoop Success
Tutorial  Evolving your data into strategic asset using HDP and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization
Understanding Hadoop YARN a  from BigDSol
US 1 3 TechDays  Hadoop vs RDMS, Gert Drapers on Big Data
US 2 3 TechDays Hadoop vs RDMS, Gert Drapers on Big Data
US 3 3 TechDays  Hadoop vs RDMS, Gert Drapers on Big Data
Using Power Query to import Hadoop HDFS files
Using R and Apache Hadoop for Data Mining and Statistical Predictive Analytics
Utkarsh Srivastava Hadoop Summit 2011 Hadoop Scale Pub Sub with Hedwig
Val Bercovici Hadoop Summit 2011 NetApp Talk
Webinar  Data Access and Processing with Spring Data, Hadoop, Batch, Integration
Webinar  Get Your Hadoop On   Leveraging Big Data with Informatica
Webinar  Hadoop, Pivotal HD and Spring for Apache Hadoop
Webinar  Introducing Spring for Apache Hadoop
What are the XML files we are using in Hadoop
What is a Hadoop cluster 
What is Apache Hadoop 
What is Apache Hadoop YARN 
What is Apache Spark 
What is Big Data  Big Data Explained (Hadoop & MapReduce)
What is Cloudera Impala 
What is Hadoop    Free Hadoop Training    Big Data and Hadoop    Free Hadoop Tutorials
What is Hadoop  Other big data terms like MapReduce  Cloudera's CEO talks us through big data trends
What is Hadoop 
What is Hadoop and how do you set up an environment in hadoop
What is Hadoop
What Is Hadoop
What is Hbase in Hadoop
What is HDFS      Hadoop   fs    Apache Hadoop Tutorial
What is HIVE in Hadoop
What is importence of RecordReader in Hadoop
What is NoSQL Database 
What is Oozie in Hadoop
What is Pig in Hadoop 
What is RCFile (Hadoop Training) Apache Hive Training(2)
What is SerDe   Hadoop Training , Apache Hive Training (1)
What Is Systems Development Life Cycle 
When to Use Hadoop 
Why Partitioner in MapRednce (Hadoop)
Why we need combiners in Hadoop
Why we need Sqoop (Hadoop)
YARN  Hadoop Beyond MapReduce
Yoram Arnon Hadoop Summit 2011 Web Crawl Cache   Using HBase to Manage a Copy of the Web
ZirMed, Microsoft & Hortonworks  We Do Hadoop Together