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  Python Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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Python Videos and Books Online Sharing Videos & Books                    164           4,697  $        7.95

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You can copy these files into your PC, iPad, etc. (Main Video format is MP4 (Best run with VLC Media Player -a free software from download.com)
This is a compilation of training tutorial video files gathered from various sources.
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Below are the video files:


Python Tutorial
Python Tutorial 1   Intro, Print and Basic Math
Python Tutorial 2   Strings and Escape Sequences
Python Tutorial 3   Variables
Python Tutorial 4   Integers and Floats
Python Tutorial 5   Lists
Python Tutorial 6   More on Lists
Python Tutorial 7   Even More on Lists
Python Tutorial 8   Input and Raw Input
Python Tutorial 9   Making REAL Programs
Python Tutorial 10   Tuples
Python Tutorial 11   Type Conversion
Python Tutorial 12   Conditionals   If
Python Tutorial 13   Conditionals   Else and Elif
Python Tutorial 14   Conditionals   Nested Conditionals
Python Tutorial 15   Type Checking
Python Tutorial 16   Warnings With Floats
Python Tutorial 17   While Loops
Python Tutorial 18   For Loops
Python Tutorial 19   Looping Through Sequences
Python Tutorial 20   The Break Statement
Python Tutorial 21   Sets
Python Tutorial 22   Dictionaries Part 1
Python Tutorial 23   Dictionaries Part 2
Python Tutorial 24   Calculator Part 1
Python Tutorial 25   Calculator Part 2
Python Tutorial 26   The Pass Statement
Python Tutorial 27   Modules and Importing
Python Tutorial 28   How to get Information on a Module
Python Tutorial 29   Functions   The Basics
Python Tutorial 30   Functions   Parameters
Python Tutorial 31   Functions   Recursion
Python Tutorial 32   Pseudocode and a Factors Generator
Python Tutorial 33   Some Built In Functions
Python Programming Tutorial   1   Installing Python
Python Programming Tutorial   2   Numbers and Math
Python Programming Tutorial   3   Variables
Python Programming Tutorial   4   Modules and Functions
Python Programming Tutorial   5   How to Save Your Programs
Python Programming Tutorial   6   Strings
Python Programming Tutorial   7   More on Strings
Python Programming Tutorial   8   Raw Input
Python Programming Tutorial   9   Sequences and Lists
Python Programming Tutorial   10   Slicing
Python Programming Tutorial   11   Editing Sequences
Python Programming Tutorial   12   More List Functions
Python Programming Tutorial   13   Slicing Lists
Python Programming Tutorial   14   Intro to Methods
Python Programming Tutorial   15   More Methods
Python Programming Tutorial   16   Sort and Tuples
Python Programming Tutorial   17   Strings n Stuff
Python Programming Tutorial   18   Cool String Methods
Python Programming Tutorial   19   Dictionary
Python Programming Tutorial   20   If Statement
Python Programming Tutorial   21   else and elif
Python Programming Tutorial   22   Nesting Statements
Python Programming Tutorial   23   Comparison Operators
Python Programming Tutorial   24   And and Or
Python Programming Tutorial   25   For and While Loops
Python Programming Tutorial   26   Infinite Loops and Break
Python Programming Tutorial   27   Building Functions
Python Programming Tutorial   28   Default Parameters
Python Programming Tutorial   29   Multiple Parameters
Python Programming Tutorial   30   Parameter Types
Python Programming Tutorial   31   Tuples as Parameters
Python Programming Tutorial   32   Object Oriented Program
Python Programming Tutorial   33   Classes and Self
Python Programming Tutorial   34   Subclasses Superclasses
Python Programming Tutorial   35   Overwrite Variable on Sub
Python Programming Tutorial   36   Multiple Parent Classes
Python Programming Tutorial   37   Constructors
Python Programming Tutorial   38   Import Modules
Python Programming Tutorial   39   reload Modules
Python Programming Tutorial   40   Getting Module Info
Python Programming Tutorial   41   Working with Files
Python Programming Tutorial   42   Reading and Writing
Python Programming Tutorial   43   Writing Lines
Python 3 Tutorial  1   Installing
Python 3 Tutorial  2   Math
Python 3 Tutorial  3   Strings
Python 3 Tutorial  4   Variables
Python 3 Tutorial  5   Functions Intro.
Python 3 Tutorial  6   More Functions
Python 3 Tutorial  7   Modules
Python 3 Tutorial  8   Creating Programs
Python 3 Tutorial  9   Input
Python 3 Tutorial  10   If statement
Python 3 Tutorial  11   While Statement
Python 3 Tutorial  12   Sequences
Python 3 Tutorial  13   Slicing
Python 3 Tutorial  14   Lists
Python 3 Tutorial  15   Dictionaries
Python 3 Tutorial  16   For Loops
Python 3 Tutorial  17   String Methods
Python 3 Tutorial  18   Formatting
Python 3 Tutorial  19   Classes
Python 3 Tutorial  20   More Classes
Python 3 Tutorial  21   Inheritance
Python 3 Tutorial  22   File I O
Python 3 Tutorial  23   Some File I O Methods
Python 3 Tutorial  24   With As Statement
Python 3 Tutorial  25   Pickles
Basic Python in Blender 2.5   Blender 3D
Basic Threading with Python   Linux
Create A Basic Webbrowser with Python GTK and Webkit Part#3
Create a GUI Number Pad in Qt4 designer   Python   Linux
Create a GUI Number Pad with GTK   Python   Linux
Dialing a Phone Number on the Nokia N900 with Python   Linux
Download Files like WGET with Python   Linux
Get System Command Output   Python   Linux
GTK Number Pad for Nokia N900 Fake Caller ID Number   Python   Linux
GTK Number Pad Getting Fake Caller ID Number PartA   Python   Linux
GTK Number Pad Getting Fake Caller ID Number PartB   Python   Linux
GTK Number Pad with Functionality   Python   Linux
How to run a Script on your Desktop or N900
HTML and Python with GTK and Webkit   Linux Tutorial
Linking Buttons to Functions in Python and Qt4 designer   Linux
Listing Files in Python   Linux
Listing Files in Python   Revisited   Linux
More Keys for Python Auto Complete   Linux
Multiple Windows with Python QT Designer   Linux
Pass Statement   Python Script
Place Images Over Webcam  in PyGame   Python   Linux Tutorial
PyGame and Mouse Buttons   Python   Linux
Python   Datetime
Python   Find Options with DIR
Python   Get Passwords
Python   Telnet part#1
Python Basics   calling system commands (A cheat for BASH users)
Python Basics   counting with range
Python Basics   Find the length of a string
Python Basics   for loops
Python Basics   grab part of a string
Python Basics   Make letters type on the screen
Python Basics   Math   Decimals
Python Basics   Math
Python Basics   sleep with the time module
Python Basics   strings
Python Basics   while loops
Python Basics   working in the python environment
Python Basics part  1   Hello world
Python GTK Remove Boarders and Positioning   Linux
Python Quick Tip   Search Through Strings   Linux
Python Quick Tip   Working with Quotes   Linux
Python With Spyder 1  First Steps
Replacing Patterns in Strings with Python   Like SED   Linux
Search for String in Text like Grep in Python   Linux
Shaped Windows Random Position   Python GTK   Linux
Shaped Windows with Transparences Python GTK Linux
Spin The Bottle   PyGame Script   Staring Fat Frog and Friends
Stream Webcam  to PyGame   Python   Linux Tutorial
The best way to learn Python part 1  Install Anaconda on Linux
The best way to learn Python part 2  Install Anaconda on Windows
The best way to learn Python part 3  Variables, control flow, plotting!
The best way to learn Python part 4  slicing, string interpolation, list comprehension
The best way to learn python part 5  Object oriented programming and bouncing balls
Threading with Python and GTK GUI Part #2
Threading with Python and GTK GUI Part#1
Working with Titles and Addressbars in Python GTK and Webkit   Linux