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 SAS Tutorial (Videos and Books)

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SAS Topics
Introduction to SAS
Ch2  SAS TUTORIALS   Writing Your First SAS Program
Ch3  SAS TUTORIALS   Reading Raw Data from External Files
Ch4  SAS TUTORIALS   Creating Permanent SAS Data Sets
Ch5  SAS TUTORIALS   Creating Formats and Labels
Ch6  SAS TUTORIALS   Reading and Writing Data from an Excel Spreadsheet
Ch7  SAS TUTORIALS   Performing Conditional Processing
Ch8  SAS TUTORIALS   Performing Iterative Processing  Looping
Ch9  SAS TUTORIALS   Working with Dates
Ch10  SAS TUTORIALS   Subsetting and Combining SAS Data Sets
How to Use SAS   Lesson 1   The SAS Interface
How to Use SAS   Lesson 10   Parametric and Non parametric Correlation
How to Use SAS   Lesson 2   Creating Datasets on the Fly
How to Use SAS   Lesson 3   Importing External Data
How to Use SAS   Lesson 4   Merging Data Sets
How to Use SAS   Lesson 5   Data Reduction and Data Cleaning
How to Use SAS   Lesson 6   SAS Arithmetic and Variable Creation
How to Use SAS   Lesson 7   The One Sample t Test and Testing for Normality
How to Use SAS   Lesson 8   Paired and Two Sample t Tests
How to Use SAS   Lesson 9   Chi Square, Fisher's Exact Test, Relative Risk
1. Basics of SAS Programming Language
10. SAS Utility Procedures
11. SAS Macros
12 .SAS Proc SQL 1
13 .SAS Proc SQL 2
14. Effeciency with SAS
14. SASAccess
3. Reading Data Fixed and Varying layouts
4. SAS Functions
5. SAS Arrays
5A. Definitions and Keyterms in Statistical Analysis
8. SAS Plots Graphs
Accessing Data in SAS Libraries
Accessing Your Existing Data  for SAS University Edition
Allianz  SAS Business Analytics Performer
Aspectos Comportamentais  SAS Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Software
BiX   Business intelligence eXplorer for SAS users   Visual Analytics
BiX   Business intelligence eXplorer for SAS users Visual Analytics
Business Intelligence   Real World Perspective (Part 1 of 2)
CDISC Controlled Terms Tutorial
Certified SAS base and advance programmer course
Cloud Moves TV   Big Data Episode   Featuring Tableau Software   SAS   QlikView
Comics for Learning Statistics   Simple Linear Regression
Correlation Analysis Using SAS Studio
Count Data Models in SAS
Create a Basic Frequency Report Using SAS
Create a Basic Summary Report Using SAS
Create a New Variable in SAS
Create a Simple Bar Chart Using SAS
Create Calculated Member in OLAP
Create Simple Scatter Plots with Two Variables Using SAS
Creating a Bar Chart Using SAS Studio
Creating a Bar Line Chart Using SAS Studio
Creating a Histogram Using SAS Studio
Creating a New Column in SAS
Creating a SAS Table from an Excel Generated CSV File
Creating a Scatter Plot Using SAS Studio
Creating a Series Plot Using SAS Studio
Data Mining with STATISTICA   Session 1
Distribution Analysis Using SAS Studio
Filter Data in SAS
Filtering SAS Tables
Format Data Values with SAS
Formatting Values in SAS
Getting Started with SAS Studio
Getting Started with the SAS Windowing Environment
Import a Comma Separated File into SAS
Import Microsoft Excel Files into SAS
Importing Libraries with SAS Management Console
Instrumental Variables in SAS
Introduction to SAS DI Studio
Introduction to SQL   SQL LESSON 1
Lecture   31 Introduction to Data Warehousing nad OLAP
Limited Dependent Variable Models in SAS
Linear Regression in SAS
logistic regression (1)
Logistic Regression Introduction with Tutorial in JMP
Merge a Microsoft Excel File with a SAS Data Set
Merging SAS Tables with a Matching Column
Microsoft Data Mining Demo    Scenario Analysis
Multinomial Probit and Logit Models in SAS
Multiple Linear Regression Using SAS Studio
Nonparametric One Way ANOVA Using SAS Studio
One Sample t Test Using SAS Studio
One Way ANOVA Using SAS Studio
One Way Frequency Analysis Using SAS Studio
Opening SAS® Data Files 2  Manually Creating the Library
Optimize Data Access within SAS Enterprise Guide
Ordered Probit and Logit Models in SAS
Paired Sample t Test Using SAS Studio
Panel Data Models in SAS
Payment Function in Excel
Perform Conditional Logic Using SAS
Performing Conditional Logic in SAS
Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis in SAS
Print a Simple Listing with SAS
Probit and Logit Models in SAS
Qlikview BI Demo   Captha Systems S.a.s.   Ipad in Business
Quantile Regression in SAS
RBC Dominion Securities Tailors Investment Advice with SAS
Read a SAS DATA Set
Reading and Generating CSV Files Using SAS Studio
SAS Add in to Microsoft Office Part1
SAS Architecture Overview
SAS BASE   Basics of programming
SAS Basics 2   Fast overview of the basic functionalities
SAS BI (Business Intelligence) Online Training and Placement Support
SAS BI (Business Intelligence) Online Training and Placement
SAS BI Dashboard 4.3 Cascading Prompts and Brush Interaction Example
SAS BI Dashboard 4.3 Client Side Filter Interaction Example
SAS BI Dashboard Tip  Establishing Indicator Links
SAS BI Demo, SAS BI Training, SAS BI Tutorial, SAS BI   ProjectioNext.com
SAS BI Online Training   Online SAS BI..INDIA & US........9177856619
SAS business intelligence unifies reporting at ICICI Bank
Sas Business Intelligence(BI) Online Training In Hyderabad
SAS Corporate Timeline  A History of the Analytics Leader
SAS Data Analysis and Report
SAS Enterprise Guide Cube Measures
SAS Enterprise Guide Server File Access
SAS for True Beginners Part 1
SAS for True Beginners Part 4
SAS in 60 Seconds!   Converting Character to Numeric and Vice Versa
SAS in 60 Seconds!   Removing duplicate data with SQL!
SAS Talks  Building Better Business Intelligence with SAS®
SAS Tip  Creating a Basic Dashboard
SAS Tip  Metadata Functions Part 1
SAS Tutorial  Introduction to SAS
SAS Visual Analytics Software Demo
SAS Web Report Studio Part 1
SAS Enterprise Miner™ Software Demo
Seemingly Unrelated Regressions in SAS
Simple Linear Regression Using SAS Studio
Simulating Linear Regression Data Using SAS Studio
Simulating One Way ANOVA Data Using SAS Studio
Singapore Govt approach to Biz Intelligence
Sort Data Using SAS
SPSS Data Analysis
STATISTICA ... Querying Databases
Statistics   Regression Analysis
Summary Statistics Using SAS Studio
Survival Analysis in SAS
Syview SAS Query Tutorial
Table Analysis Using SAS Studio
Technobabble  SAS and business intelligence
Time Series ARIMA Models in SAS
Top 10 Cydia Sources
Two Sample t Test Using SAS Studio
Using SAS
Viitorul BI  AI
What is Partial Regression Coefficient 
What is SAS 
What's New in SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence for SAS® 9.
What's New with SAS Mobile BI
Working in SAS Studio  For SAS University Edition
Working in SAS Studio
Writing a Basic SAS Program